Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer


Play MW3 MP first, compete in the $1 Million tournament sponsored by Xbox 360, incredible live events, Sept. 2nd & 3rd in LA. For more info click here: …


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  1. Sheperc says:

    Casualties made by Pvt. James Ramirez:

    – 5.000.000 Russians Killed
    – 480 Mi-28 Havocs Destroyed
    – 1750 BTR's Destroyed
    – 3 Triple-A's Destroyed

    War Crimes committed by Pvt. James Ramirez:

    – Friendly Fire (Victim: Sgt. Foley)

  2. Kol 2012 says:

    "Just the will .. of a single men " well that its kind of true i guess

  3. pls give us MW4! !!!!!!!!

  4. Hưng Mạnh says:

    56 second is ghost

  5. Johny Man says:

    back when COD was good

  6. Call of Duty: World Tour

  7. The last Call of Duty for me.

  8. Jenna B says:

    The last realistic CoD game

  9. Ben Ashton says:


  10. They should make the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare collectors edition were you can get all the mw games to next gen consoles

  11. Phi Nhật says:

    Modern Warfare is the best !!!

  12. The Undead says:

    I was so hyped when I first saw this.

  13. Best cod in my opinion

  14. Mw4 should take place a couple years after this story left off. Post WW3 world

  15. haon 4bg says:

    My favorite call of duty hopefully infinity award brings back the same type of infected

  16. Call of duty modern warfare for the Xbox one: featuring jump packs. Preorder the dlc now

  17. Knowledge says:

    Does the game end in 2017 ?

  18. Still the best cod I love this game

  19. When call of duty was actually about war.

  20. luiz felipe says:

    modern warfare 4 please!!!!!

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