Call Of Duty World At War Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.3


Here’s some Nostalgia for you all. Hope you enjoy this crazy war fueled compilation of the great COD WaW; Back when Call of Duty had some fuckin balls.


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  1. chocho cho says:

    en que consola lo jugaste

  2. Al Capone says:

    after all these years it still looks very good. i still remember the day i bought it. favorite cod i ever played. also the last. i haven't played any of the cods after that. except a little bit of Black Ops with friends.

  3. Remember when CoD was good?

  4. Fisupingu says:

    Why are you so pro playing shooter games with joystick?

  5. very good work sly i really enjoy your vids man oh and can you please make a second funny/brutal kill compilation for AC SYNDICATE

  6. here in germany that game not brutality because not blood

  7. DomPlaysMc says:

    Sly I recommend you play just cause 3 you can do all sorts of fucked up shit

  8. 4:29 is like a goddamn jumpscare XD I jumped

  9. can you do world at war multiplayer brutal kill compilation

  10. Kitsune91 says:

    Ahh the good ol' gore days of Treyarch. Good times..

  11. what console is he playing on

  12. Damn, im not blood thristy, but i continue watch all these brutal kill compilation

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