Calling for an Attack on Iran: US, Israel Politicians are “Detached From Reality”

by Devon DB
Global Research
In the wake of the recent IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program, Israel and its Western allies are once again pushing for a military confrontation with Iran. While they argue that confrontation with Iran is a rational action, in actuality the US and Israeli governments are showing just how much they are detached from reality.

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is “trying to rally support in his cabinet for an attack on Iran” [1] with only a narrow majority of the Cabinet opposing the move. Netanyahu has also stated that in regards to Iran that “all options are on the table.” This truly shows how detached from reality he is as an attack on Iran would potentially spell disaster for Israel as while there is currently no proof that Iran is attempting to gain nuclear weapons, attacking Iran would ensure that the regime would then make it a goal to have nuclear weapons to use as a deterrent from future attacks.

In addition to this, an attack on Iran could potentially anger the entire region against Israel as it “would produce a nightmare far more extensive than Chernobyl” and “The immediate and long-term human toll from the nuclear fallout and radiation from so many reactors and plants [would be] inconceivable;” it would potentially “strengthen extremist forces and impeded democratic reform in Iran, and it would ignite hatred against religious minorities throughout the Middle East.” [2]

Thus, an attack on Iran would not be in Israel’s interest in the slightest from a purely logical standpoint when one looks at the potential repercussions.

Unfortunately, this detachment from reality also extends to the US leadership as well. There are many in the Republican Party who are “reviving many of the arguments that neoconservative proponents of armed intervention against Tehran lost in the latter years of George W. Bush’s presidency.” [3]

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stated that if Obama was re-elected Iran would attain a nuclear weapon. He also openly stated that he would attempt to destabilize the Iranian regime, saying that “the U.S. should be ‘working with the insurgents in the country to encourage regime change’” but “if ‘there’s nothing else we can do besides take military action, then of course you take military action.’” [4]

Another Republican Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, followed in the same vein, calling “for ‘maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program.’” [5] By openly stating that they plan to engage in covert action against Iran, the Presidential hopefuls are effectively alerting Iran of their intent and allowing Iran to be on their toes should either person become President. In addition to this, how does either candidate expect to find money or troops for this? The US military is stretched thin, the US economy is in shambles, America is nearing a GDP to debt ratio of 1 to 1, and there is currently a super-committee which is planning to impose harsh austerity measures on the country.

Both the Israeli and US leadership are further detached from reality on the issue of Iran when both state that Iran is a threat. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that “Iran poses the largest, most dangerous threat to the current world order” [6] and President Obama stated that the US was “’not taking any options off the table’” in regards to Iran’s nuclear program and that an “’Iran with nuclear weapons would pose a threat not only to the region but also to the United States.’” [7]

This argument is quite ridiculous. The United States, a nation that has consistently been directly and indirectly involved in military conflicts every decade since the 1940s and Israel, the most aggressive militaristic regime in the region, are much greater threats to world peace than Iran could ever be.Iran is a threat to neither in the US or Israel. Israel is a regional superpower with a world-class army and nuclear weapons. The US is the world’s sole superpower and recently acquired 20 GPS-guided 30,000 lb bunker-busting bombs [8] and “held a successful test flight of a flying bomb that travels faster than the speed of sound and will give military planners the ability to strike targets anywhere in the world in less than a hour.” [9] (emphasis added) Thus, how would Iran pose a threat to either nation, much less the entire world?

The US and Israeli leadership are detached from reality and this could potentially prove quite dangerous and costly not only for their nations, but for the world at large. 


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5 Responses

  1. Rattlesnakes do not exist in the Middle East.

  2. Michael Cook says:

    The writer of this article must remember that it is the JEWNITED STATES of AMERICA. We must all remember that the vast majority of the worlds assets and governmental bodies and politicians are controlled by Jews. If it was the eskimos that owned and controlled those assets i would say so, but they do not, it is virtually all owned and controlled by the Jews. The writers concerns as to those politicians “being detached from reality” are not ALL politicians detached from the front line of life where most of us live? They live in their politically moulded ivory towers where they have grandiose ideas and objectives that makes them feel like the Gods. They look down on the heaving masses and just use them as a means to achieve their national or global goals for on this global chessboard the masses are but pawns in this global game. Watching what is happening on the world scene it is quite obvious that those globalists are bringing together the worlds assets, and all those maverick states are coming under their control by one means or another. That is why all kinds of governing bodies on a world wide basis have been formed to control everything and everybody, energy, oil, pharmaceutical, food, media, finance,etc. They will continue to pursue that goal, for it has been decades in the making, and they will not stop at nuclear war to achieve it For to them it is all or nothing, it is rule or ruin. So my advice to all concerned is to prepare for the worst, for it IS coming.

    A very revealing postscript to my comments. As is recorded in the bible the jews crucified their messiah, the Son of God for thirty pieces of silver so that they could hang onto their positions of authority. If they were willing to do that to the Son of God, they will not hesistate to sacrifice we Goyim. Remember they used the Roman Authorities to carry out their plan, and the jews use the same tactics today called the USA.

    • Mariner says:

      Michael, you have so brilliantly summed up the mess the Zionists / Jews / neocons/ globalists marauders have landed the world into. Allow me to add the following piece from the bible on how things will be when the Jews return to Zion, which they did back in 1948 courtesy His Imperial Majesty’s govt with Lord Balfour as the PM:
      “When the Jews return to Zion and the holy Roman Empire rises and a planet fills the sky, he shall rise from the eternal seas, creating armies on both the shores, turning man against his brother, till man exists no more” Dajjal in Islam , anti Christ in Christianity and …. Messiah in Judaism. So like you rightly advised ‘ prepare for the worst, for it IS coming.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    The positions of the Republican candidates for president show their complete and total hypocrisy. Planning covert actions against another regime is simply state terrorism! As I have always believed, the US is by far the greatest proponent of terrorism in the world today surpassing even Israel.

  4. Les D. says:

    No one wants another war less than I do. But, Devon, answer this question. Lets say your home state is Rhode Island. You and all your family live there. Then lets say the PM of Canada hates you and wants your entire state destroyed. Then lets say that all the other states around you hate you and have attacked and murdered your people since RI became a state and has promised publicly to destroy you. Then Canada gets close to getting a weapon that could make your destruction possible. My question is, Do you just sit by and let them develop that weapon and just hope they aren’t serious ? If your answer is yes then you sir are a coward. I will protect my family with my very life. You threaten me publicly and then try to get a means to carry out that threat,,,, look for me at your door long before you can make good on it. Am I a fan of the Israeli gov.?? No. But I would never tell anyone they don’t have the right to protect themselves and their families. They tried that back in the 40’s, I wouldn’t count on them going quietly into the night this time. You criticize Israel and the US for calling for a halt to Iran’s nuclear ambitious by force if necessary. Where were you when Ahmadinejad was making his threats ? Let me read your article on that.

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