Calvin Disses Taylor Swift In “My Way” – Ariana Grande Calls Mac Miller Soulmate (DHR)


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20 Responses

  1. Josiane N says:

    Excuse me. This what you came for didn't become popular because he and Taylor broke up. It became popular because it was a really good song. Smh ?

  2. Sonya White says:

    Omg Calvin get over it ?

  3. June Kilel says:

    does taylor swift own this channel?

  4. Omg Erin, because of taylor ? sure sure. Calvin would be nothing without her clap clap

  5. Vera Hug says:

    Its so unfair to say taylor swift is the best thing happened to Calvin harris's musical career. He wrote great hits before he met taylor swift. it is so shitty of her to tell everyone about her credit to the song This is what you came for. WROST ex EVER

    This is such a proof of taylor swift controlling the media LOL

  6. It's so difficult to read the comments. No one knows how to spell or use proper punctuation. :,O

  7. ericsuxx says:

    I cringed at the ice cream snapchat

  8. i really hope clavin has gotten over the damn break up…this is just annoying. but camillia…she had my attention. not really into her, but i like how she has taken a stance, and indirectly stood up against trump.

  9. Ivy Yang says:

    Shut up Erin. You shouldn't talk about Calvin AND taylor EVER

  10. Ivy Yang says:

    Who else notices that everyone who's dated Taylor's career went downhill from there? Yeah… please go date her for fame ? cause that's why joe, lautner, Mayer, and everyone else is buried. And you're confused because Taylor only dates famous people, she doesn't date them to make them famous. Lol. Erin over here acting like Taylor got herself a kfed.

  11. wa 3. says:

    Calvin was kinda rude he literally used demi and ariana's fans

  12. Calvin was the highest paid dj in the biz waaaaay before taylor came around tho… lmao

  13. I saw the same outfit on dollskill hahahahahaha

  14. He is a young guy and she likes young guy hahahahaha

  15. Yeah Lady in red you soon SOO WRONG! Calvin was huge before Taylor. I like both of them …I just think you are DEAD WRONG!!!

  16. Hayley Young says:

    Tbh I think Calvin should stick to to being a Dj and stay away from singing??

  17. JinO Chil says:

    Red hair, the reason why This I What You Came For was a hit is because EDM has boomed up these past couple of years. I don't know, for someone who makes a living out of being "in the now", it seems like you've living under a rock – sorry, not sorry

  18. angel Rippo says:

    You girls are such Taylor Whores ?

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