Camp FEMA: American Lockdown (Documentary Conspiracy)


Documentary Conspiracy – Camp FEMA: American Lockdown ——– Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. …


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  1. JG 3 says:

    White folk are the Demon seeds atleast the Japs got an apology and reparations..When blacks are still treated bad and never got an apology..

  2. wilwinent says:

    great video,the music makes it hard to focus

  3. Dan Hersey says:

    what are you trying to convey,an 80's rock music video,or you're point. Make up you're mind.nice try shitty job.

  4. Why is there no mention of the thousands of guillotines, that were also delivered to the Fema Camps (PRISONS) ???

  5. Sky Soule says:

    yo William there are red blue yellow and white roses. do u see any of them fight about what colored they are. that's how u sound. it's not the muslums. it's just ppl on the wrong path. what u just said is the same illiterate thing as guns kill people so they should be done away with. to just a whole group for the action of its individuals is just pure stupid. our whole damn country is filled with corrupted people that have murdered under the mask of help for years. does that mean everyone in America is bad. maybe you should clean up your own damn house before u dawg others. I'm a white man myself saying this so before u bring more race into this u can leave it at the door. go educate urself

  6. USA my man is just too much ground to cover.

  7. no army here. all overseas.

  8. Hmm….so this is from 2009 or 2010. Many of the theories never panned out. However, we're now, in 2016, coming up to an election between a narcissist and a sociopath, liberals won't admit Islamic Terrorrism is an actual thing within our country, and the conservatives are becoming more racist than ever, while leftists take PC to shockingly horrific lengths…pretty sure we have MUCH bigger things to worry about than theoretical camps.

  9. Sam Bridges says:

    Alex Jones is controlled opposition. His radio show "infowars" is literally funded by a sub branch of NBC and he has direct ties to Zionist groups. Plus he filters guests from discussing topics pertaining to any material that i just presented. And if you don't believe me then just do five minutes of research.

  10. John Doe says:

    n ppl talk like they got enslaved n treated like sht which wasn't the casr

  11. dew free says:

    They had no right


  13. gary gibbs says:

    This was a huge theft of the Jap-American people's fishing fleet from Alaska to Baja.
    Why didn't our Governments not round up every Italian and German American?
    Absolutely shameful !
    I have been screaming about this for 40 years , I have been told that I'm crazy and a conspiracy nut but the truth is more scary than anything I have ever imagined.
    I wish I was wrong. The Revolution will not be televised it will be live!
    Pray and be saved. Praise Jesus. Amen

  14. gary gibbs says:

    I'm not going to no camp! I will go down fighting and will be free in my faith. Praise Jesus. Amen

  15. Pink Stereo says:

    What is the name of the rock and roll song in the beginning of this film ? Any body that knows Will be appreciated.

  16. desenutz2012 says:

    god just by reading the comments i see why are world is so fucked up, people are just straight up fucking stupid…

  17. somebody made a comment that the Japanese weren't running a muck like Islam. do u have any idea what Japan did to the Koreans and chinese?

  18. chip whitley says:

    are ppl only now waking up as to how wickedly evil the american govt. really is.

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