Can You Guess The Younger Version of These Celebrities?


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  1. Zaira says:

    I got 3/4, that's pretty good for a white person???

  2. Atrain2321 says:

    I knew the will one only because of suicide squad

  3. SyfyGamerz says:

    Wait a minute….. This isn't fine bros

  4. Kalaina Shaw says:

    2:512:53 this guy is killing me??

  5. My Nice Life says:

    I was correct all of them I know these celebrities well

  6. Blessing Sam says:

    U have to look at the eyebrows

  7. Feather King says:

    It's not just the person, but the actual quality of the picture, depending on when it was taken..

  8. Skinflint _ says:

    all right oh yeah!!
    for celebrity women the older the get the slimmer they're faces are due to the make up & higher cheek bones

  9. Got them all right. You guys are medicore.

  10. Mai says:

    they should of included Bianca Lawson

  11. Being me says:

    It really bothered me that the picture A was on the right side and picture B on the left when they were deciding!

  12. Tournay Le says:

    Botox wont crack ???


  14. Will Smith was easy, because he had the beard for Suicide Squad.

  15. Leby says:

    I got them all right

  16. Queen Punkle says:

    They took pictures from like 4-6 years apart as if anything will have significantly changed

  17. got everyone right

  18. Lonnoi Emo says:

    Same thing with asians

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