Captain America 3 Civil War ALL Trailer & Clips (2016) Marvel Superhero Movie HD


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  1. Brent King says:

    Cap will destroy ALL consequences!

  2. Brent King says:

    I'm SOOOOOO much more wanting to see this than B VS S

  3. #TeamCaptainAmerica Also can't wait for batman v superman and suicide squad.

  4. this is like what's going right now with TRUMP divided us

  5. spiderman is on iron man's team

  6. SPiiiiDeR says:

    i wonder whos side Spider-Man joins im thinking Ironman

  7. #TeamCap I Mean Seriously, Iron Man Wants Everyone To Register Their Names To The Government, Whereas Captain America Wants Freedom! Wait… That's What This Movie's About Right? I Read The Comics…

  8. Whaaaat? 0:29 Vision with iron man's side? Hw was in cap's team in the end of Avengers 2. How the hell did this happen?

  9. I always be from Ironman i was born to be with he

  10. jalen CC says:

    #TeamWinterSoldier. I can't wait to see this. Cap and Buck beating up Ironman lol. The hype is real

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