Captain America: Civil War Final Trailer Breakdown – Spider-Man Revealed!


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  1. jacs w says:


  2. Host needs to let the people speakkk

  3. Marvel Studios revealed Spidey after all of the speculation that his suit would appear in all kinds of strange ways… I think this trailer was the smartest thing to drop on the fans, especially when they show us the web-slinger in the classic uniform, which is what we ALL wanted to see. Now everyone has a confirmation that they want to see Spidey along with the Avengers. There is no more doubt, now we all want to see the film.

  4. B!g B055 says:

    New Rockstars does better breakdowns

  5. Best movie that has you rooting for the "bad guy"? #MovieFights #ScreenJunkies

  6. Nizar Ouaami says:

    Finally Spider-Man is back

  7. Grown men fawning about superheroes.

  8. Mathew Key looks like an older version of Adam Driver

  9. rohan2utbe says:

    Matt key looks like an old Adam driver

  10. no I think Underoos might be easy voice command for the iron spider armor much like the house party was the voice command on an Iron Man 3 so the way that I would set it up would be here that would be a great pose when he jumps down also the cop car is the spider armor comes in

  11. wassup0 you're a good friend. near vigorous what do you think, huys? 1!

  12. imminent says:

    I'm kind of disappointed they showed Spider-Man in the trailer. I really wanted it to be a in-movie reveal, not a trailer reveal. Imagine it like a Luke Skywalker type of thing. We know he's in the movie, but when?? People would be on the edge of their seats waiting for Spider-Man in the movie, but now we know when he is coming. It would be so much more epic

  13. more honest action plz

  14. Everyone is freaking out because Spiderman was in the trailer…
    But I'm the only one fangirling because of Black Panther…
    I'll just….
    Go in the corner now…

  15. Do y'all think Spidey will reveal his identity to the public like he did in the comic book?

  16. Julien Petit says:

    helno, you're an angel2 exercise tooth what's your opinion about vhat

  17. Felix Engen says:


  18. Paul Archer says:

    its far-fetched…but do you think that Spiderman will be in line with the continuity of the Disney XD channel Ultimate Spiderman The MCU movies are hinted at in some episodes and younger viewers would recognise it as being that spiderman as well.

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