Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer #1 (2016) Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD


Captain America: Civil War Trailer 1 (2016) Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD [Official Trailer]


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  1. Paul Steed says:

    oh yeah, team iron man all day

  2. Paul Steed says:

    they can't kill iron man, Downey Jr is one of the best actor's ever

  3. Cap:"You know i wouldnt do this if i didnt have any other choice. But he's my friend."
    Tony:"So was i."
    Can I sue for emotional distress? lol. I hate it when team members go against each other.

  4. Caboose says:

    When he was getting " beaten" by cap and his bruh… are they literally saying that he couldn;t have flown away? dont tell me the metal arm EMP'd his suit because tony made sure that wouldn't happen. " avengers 1"

  5. Tyler Buxton says:

    I'm actually starting to wonder if cross bones is really in this movie and spider man and ant man I mean it's all been heard about them being in the movie but they're not in the trailer

  6. Why doesn't iron man, like, fly up and tank missile them? That'd work pretty well.

  7. Nini Levac says:

    "So was I" it broke my heart! ???

  8. this looks cool but would have love to see some of the comic stuff

  9. pwilsonlf3 says:

    Team Captain America

  10. pwilsonlf3 says:

    Team Captain America

  11. Half of this version is
    Iron man: civil war
    Thor: civil war
    The Incredible Hulk: chillin in Fiji

  12. What did Bucky say

  13. Infinity gems? Who carez about them?

  14. "I'm sorry Tony, but he's my friend.
    "So was I."

  15. "I'm sorry Tony, but he's my friend.
    "So was I."

  16. Jafar Khan says:

    why I feel they are fighting with just the iron suit and not the tony stark inside the suit…

  17. danny90099 says:

    Any 1 see ant man yet?

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