Cards Against Humanity 6 – World War 3 and Chainsaws for Arms!


Please do not be offended by something you see in this video . Let me know if you want to see other cards against humanity ! CAH songs : …


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  1. What's happening with the "Would You Rather" series? That was good, tbh. ?

  2. Trevor Neal says:


  3. RisingHero23 says:

    What website is this? :)

  4. You look just like Jason Segel XD

  5. keegan lee says:

    I like the Michigan Wolverines

  6. Ok so side arms either looks like Clark Duke Or Andy Milonakis Look them up

  7. todx15 says:

    There was a Cowboys crack by shadow, yes!!

  8. Believe it or not I actually just sold my yughio cards that I bought years ago to some lady today for 10$, found them laying around and posted it on craigslist, 4 hours later got a reply lol.

  9. ItzNiekoyo says:

    2:07 – The greatest thing Sidearms has ever said.

  10. Marcus Perez says:

    Come on Nobody, i fucking love yugioh (15yr)

  11. Josh Berry says:

    Side said he couldn't run for president. Confirmed not born in America?

  12. Duke Holt says:

    Should have chosen, Mountain Dew anything with a hole.

  13. Jake Mason says:

    joel is the worst cah player ever

  14. TitsMcgee says:

    Hey man, what is your stream schedule?

  15. Tori Quinlan says:

    Savage Lovecast is a sex advice podcast! It's good stuff! Available on iTunes under Podcasts. Everybody should listen to it!

  16. Tori Quinlan says:

    Oh Jahova… Learn how to read.
    The card was YOU asking Dan Savage for help achieving orgasm. Not him asking for help, he doesn't need help with that I'm sure he has a very fulfilling sex life. Unlike the thousands of people, including straight sis gendered men, who call in and write to him asking for advice and insight on their sexual problems.
    Don't hate on Dan Savage when you don't know anything him. You just heard gay and apparently that all you needed to know. Not cool man.

  17. Lexic Batman says:

    Yugioh cards are a lot better than pokemon cards.

  18. utheman86 says:

    WHAT! How did Speedy not win at 12:35? "Mountain Dew anything with a hole", meaning, mount and do anything with a hole. That was genius!

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