Case 81792 – Lincoln, NH, April 21, 2016


Unedited witness assertion: I was studying on my deck all-around 7 o’clock. I am told that navy pilots educate in the mountains all-around where by I reside and I’ve generally appreciated observing them fly by. This transpires all the time, jets and helicopters are a widespread sighting. So I naturally saw the jet and did a double consider, since there was some thing next it. I promptly believed I was witnessing some peculiar aircraft, quite possibly navy but it was not a jet. I knew it wasn’t a jet since it was actually correct driving just one. The jet it was chasing still left a extensive contrail driving it, but the UFO did not. The UFO was gaining on a jet. No helicopter could do that. I was blown absent and the good thing is bought out my cellphone in time to consider a movie. I viewed the item gaining on the jet for about ten seconds when i missing them in the trees. I was incredibly thrilled and anxious. I felt I has witnessed some thing incredibly difficult to dismiss as a “temperature balloon” or some evident variety of aircraft. Shortly soon after the jet and item still left my variety of sight I saw 3 more jets and 1 helicopters heading the similar direction (in my feeling chasing the UFO). I also bought another movie of individuals other aircraft. I would like to demonstrate the movie to an aviation expert and maybe get an rationalization. I’m uploading to MUFON hoping for responses.

Witness Media Release Arrangement to demonstrate this movie is on file with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).


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  1. Jack Gordon says:

    It would be nice to at least get spelling right. When video starts, it says Licoln, NH. It is, of course, Lincoln, NH. Does anyone review video before it is posted? MUFON is a professional organization that I hve been following for decades…please take a little time to get it right.

  2. Rene' Cruz says:

    ???UGG atrociously horrible UFO clickbait, mufon sucking usa government's cock- fucking backstabbing UFO debunkers

  3. Tomteeejay says:

    Simply two airliners using upper air route J49 to the east of Lincoln, NH. You can use planefinder flight tracking software and playback the two Lufthansa airliners using that route at the time. See following link for my post.

    The person filming this could repeat over and over again such footage due to how busy the upper air route is.

  4. Tommyr says:

    Another useless "UFO" video.

  5. VERY good sighting & vid cap. As a MUFON Field Investigator, I rarely see images/ video of this quality. It COULD be a jet – some do not have contrails/chemtrails, although this usually seems to occur in orthogonal motion – which is what you may have here. And because two aircraft moving at 90-ish degrees often look faster (or hovering), it can be quite a challenge. If you could go back far enough and check, you might be able to verify it's a commercial aircraft. But even if it's Not a UFO, it's a great capture, and an example of the kind of evidence you really need to make a useful sighting. The next step is to upgrade to a decent video camera, with telephoto, so you can get object detail. That seems to be missing in 99% of the video sightings.

  6. doorswhofan says:

    Same area as the Betty & Barney Hill incident in the early '60s.

  7. Bryan Eddy says:

    I've seen orb- chasing, chem- trailers videos that were made years ago.Over Vegas for the last week or so- after weeks off, we are again, being attacked.We caught Air France,Luthansa and Delta to name but a few.

  8. Anai Bendai says:

    Two planes flying parallel. Perhaps one is a smaller jet at a lower altitude and the other a passenger plane at a higher altitude leaving a contrail. Totally common.

  9. IF there are actual intelligently controlled UFOs, they must have decided to only allow "dots in the sky" to be videoed, and hardly any footage which would be more definitive.

    Indeed, all I ever see on video is dots in the sky, which is hardly telling of much.

    The best sightings, in my opinion, are the ones made and documented by military and police personnel at our missile sites. Those encounters are real, were often met with fighter jets sent to investigate, almost always for naught.

  10. Andy says:

    The "UFO" is just another airplane flying on the same airway at a lower altitude. Because of the lower altitude, it appears to be moving faster and is not producing a contrail.

  11. Gas Mask says:

    ok I'll do up a zoom, ive seen something like this before but it was to lights a lot higher in the sky second orb was passing then slowing next to the steady moving one

  12. Rob Weckert says:

    Two planes for sure

  13. Two planes flying at different height which causes the contrail.

  14. pkoiva0 says:

    2 planes traveling at different altitudes, one creating a vapor trail.

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