Castro Warns Of Imminent Nuclear War

Cuban News Agency


That was the purpose of the Cuban Revolution leader’s address to the Cuban parliament summoned for an extraordinary session in Havana, due to the urgency of mobilizing the world, faced with the danger of a nuclear war that would be triggered by a US-Israeli led aggression on Iran.

Standing on a podium, in the presence of President Raul Castro, Fidel read a message to the Cuban legislative body making emphasis of the threat of an armed conflict in the Arabian-Persian Gulf, for which he held the American president responsible.


Fidel said men’s pretensions must have a limit that can’t be surpassed and added that in this critical case President Obama would have to give the order of the so much announced attack “in tune with the standards of the gigantic empire.”

“But, in the instant he gives the order, which is the only one he could give due to the power, speed and countless number of missiles accumulated in an absurd competion between powers, he would be ordering the instant death not only of hundreds of millions of people, including, an immeasurable number of inhabitants of his own country, but also the crews of all US ships in the seas near Iran.”

“Simultaneously, the war would break out in the Near and Far East and across Eurasia,” said Fidel.

He also explained that fate decreed that at this precise moment, the President of the United States is a descendant of an African and a white, of a Muslim and a Christian and that he will not give the order if he becomes aware of the problem.

After reading his message, Fidel encouraged a dialogue with the Cuban deputies to find solutions to the issue and called on them to think of ways to spread the call for peace.

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  1. D.U. says:

    I say, again!!!
    The christian World is a 100% sick! Dollars for Iraqwar per Year!
    And only Dollars for U.S. Imployments!

  2. D.U. says:

    The World is a religious sick! Biblical criminall.
    1. Armageddon is a sick jewish-christian stupid and archaism Fantasy!
    2. The Bible is a very danger Military Book, with Destructionsstory,s!
    3. We have 3 Armageddons: This is Iraq, Afghanistan and Jugoslavia!
    4. With 2.000.000 Tons Depleted Uranium, is Armageddon!
    5. For Hiroshima Americans needed only 600 g D.U.

  3. qasim ahmed says:


  4. The specter of a thermonuclear war appears very real in the Middle East. Any country that entertaining the thought of launching a so called preemptive nuclear strike is tantamount to suicide and a menace for mankind.
    The United States of America and the United Nations should neutralized Israel nuclear stock pile to prevent Israel from launching nuclear bombs on Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya etc…
    Israel considers itself as the capital of the new world order with an undeclared policy to expand its borders without limits to create an empire where the sun will never set.
    Fidel Castro has been pretty accurate regarding his geopolitical analysis over the years. The world should pay attention to Fidel Castro prognostic and take mid course correction.

  5. hotstuff says:

    The Best Advice I Can Give to The World is To Anihilate israel A.S.A.P That Would Solve Most of the Imminent treat Against ALL Our Lifes !!!

  6. hotstuff says:

    hotstuff says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 10, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    I Think it is Complete Genuinely And Only israel And the jewish World community , Though Many Races Believe israelites are their friends …Bút Thát Always Wás Till dinner !

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    Islamics are set up en Masse in hate by showing endlessly the Supposed warcrimes and atrocities of the Western and US Nations , They are to Stupid to Figure Our jews are behind ALL AND EVERY Thing behind it !

    So the by the israelites sooo wanted ww3 is coming closer and closer!

    israel trying hard to make Iran a trigger or fuse !

    So the World will Anihilate it Self for them , they have the Drinkingwatersupplies And the Eufraat of Iran And they are left óver with All the , Only Atomic power left in the World , ….

    …..nice design of a heaven is it ?

    Israelites ór in Truth asian Man eaters who call them selfes Since 600 years jew and Since 400 years istaelite ( Collective Identitiythefts taking the Name of the Innocents)

    And israel And jewbanksters do Not bother tens of Millions of jews , their families and Children Also Will Die in the Fires !

  7. there is a big difference between an educated world citizen and isolated positioning on fronts needed to fart intellectually like Castro does since all times. Mid east got no nuc weapons except Israel and would require Russia to have a nuc war in mid east spreading into Europe. There is no true intention to attack Iran as long as chinese and russian officials working and living there, a false flag scenario must be builded up first to blame others for starting a war on Iran. Look into that direction if you look and watch out the doing and saying in Israel always. There is absolutely no strong alliances within the arab leagues to count on assisting friends to Iran in the region so accept once for all that Brit-USrael is the ruling chief in mid east where France and Russia ocasionaly keep developing as well.
    Pakistan aint an issue at all, only rain is enough to eliminate them, a couple of lies enough to destabelize that nation and even worst in India which is unstable by birth with its religious fragmentation and cast plays.
    There will be no nuc war because there are no tough countries oposite the global financial empire, even cheating Castro got its reserve hidden on dollar accounts like Chavez does.

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