There is a reason we see so much evil symbolism in music videos and celebrity pictures. There is a reason why all of the lyrics in main stream music is about evil things. The satanic agenda pushes all of these things to us subconsciously through the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the celebrities we look up to and want to emulate. There is a reason for the government corruption such as pizzagate we see today. This world has always and will always be about the satanic agenda until the final battle when Jesus comes to reclaim his people and end this once and for all.

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  1. He's admitted in an interview he doesn't watch his own work cuz it's not him(johnny depp)

  2. Hunter S. Thompson for his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas "the most important nonfiction [sic, fiction] writer of the twentieth century"? Fatuously opined by a pretentious Hollywood actor who clearly never read the many greater fiction writers of the twentieth century such as Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac and Ken Kesey who "put themselves in a situation [of their fiction] by living it" long before HST "invented" that subgenre. More ignoratus than illuminatus.

  3. In the 1980's I was in a Christian Book and Gift shop. I Love Books and starting looking and reading some , brought home Treasures of Gold about heroin addiction and Dr. Rebecca Brown books on Satanism. Want to really know about that World , Her Books have it !! A Doctor in LA area and Wierd Cases come into hospital. She learns of a World that She Never knew even existed . She began Helping Satanists Escape since there is None, as bad as the Mafia. And she takes you into Their Rituals, everything….. I Will be Very Surprised IF they ever Prosecute the Pizza Gate criminals because the Master Satanists have A Huge Infrastructure and Cops are in it, too. All the way up to the Top. I'd say , 75% in after 6 Mo's when things really Ramp – Up want to Escape , but they watch you through their Own Surveillance and this was before what we have today. So, Rebecca her Life completely changed helping those escape through an Underground Network. New I.D.'s, getting off Radar, and Fleeing from everyone you had in your life to a new one through Jesus Christ. Highly recommend, Came to Set the Captives Free. Many have been Bred + Born into it, Captives …….

  4. Johnny Depp has lost his mind. He sold himself. Only God can help him.

  5. Johnny Depp has lost his mind. He sold himself. Only God can help him.

  6. Joe Renaud says:

    This video blogger is confusing religion with spirituality as the same, they are very different from each other. Spiritualism believes in a Prime creator or "God" but not religion. God didn't create religions, people did; and they created them to control, manipulate and confuse the minds of weakened followers who cannot think for themselves. Therein lies the largest difference between the two. Quoting bible verse means nothing to one who spiritually is connected to God and you don't have to be a slave to a religious book to do that with.

  7. Craig Holden says:

    Johnny Depp is a satanic faggot pedophile that will burn in hell. I refuse to watch any more of his movies.

  8. religion was created to control us too

  9. I am disappointed Johnny Depp isn't a better person. However, I have done a lot of research on the west memphis three and there is a good chance they weren't guilty. They were really young kids and if you see the tapes of them being questioned the actually did tell the kids what to say. I think its the guy who was angry at him who did it. The guy at 14:13 there is actual evidence that he did it and had to do with his teeth and he even did things to get new teeth etc.

  10. we should pray not judge…

  11. we should not judge but pray for him and others…like I pray for me and my family….I have my faith with IEUE…GOD JESUS…SO I will continue to pray…not judge…

  12. Plz fact check yr 'sources' one of the speakers has been fully discredited and West Memphis 3 were exonerated. Other than that keep up the good work.

    'In 2007, DNA collected from the crime scene was tested. None was found to match DNA from Echols, Baldwin, or Misskelley. A hair "not inconsistent with" Stevie Branch's stepfather, Terry Hobbs, was found tied into the knots used to bind one of the victims.[47] The prosecutors, while conceding that no DNA evidence tied the accused to the crime scene, said: "The State stands behind its convictions of Echols and his codefendants."[48] Pamela Hobbs' May 5, 2009 declaration in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, Western Division indicates that "one hair was consistent with the hair of [Terry's] friend, David Jacoby"'

  13. Ruby Burton says:

    Religion was given by those alien demonic entities that feed off our energy.  So getting into the whole worshipping of Christ is just giving in to their brainwashing to give up our power and will.

  14. I wish these channels would stop refering to Jesus as the one who is going to save us. Only God, the Creator of Jesus, can save us. No one else. Jesus could not save himself from death. Worship God alone, as we are told to do in the first commandment as Jesus did, and do not worship one of His creations! Idolatry is a gross sin.

  15. Siham Habis says:

    Very sadystistic ways is a poor word for those poor abused children … I would choose the word MONSTRIOUS !!!

  16. JOKER says:

    I always liked Depp but in some of the interviewes did he sound like he has an accent?

  17. Justin Wise says:

    exposes truth, if you can stomach the ads.

  18. It's ALL being exposed…the HORRIBLE things done to children,,,,satan in the government, satan in the church, the Vatican, "health and wealth" tv preachers, music, the movies. This world is the counterfit,—the eternal destruction—I cannot fathom "wailing and nashing of teeth" in agony, for those who choose satan…..The Gospel of Jesus Christ is True. The "Red" cord (he died for us) and the "Gold" cord,(His Holliness/Kingship) run thru the whole Bible. History, as well as examples of God changing peoples lives, IF/WHEN, they give the throne of their lives to Him. The New Testament, talks a lot about the Church, how it should function, and again, how Christ can change a life, once the position (the throne of our lives) is given to Him. With me, it is a battle, for I surely want my own way, I wish it wasn't…No one LIKES pain, so we're cowards AND?BUT we suffer for our OWN SELVES.+++I have decided to Follow JESUS, and I have/will continue to trust in Him, suffer for Him. This road IS narrow, and at times very hard, HE never said it would be easy, just that He would provide the strength, and we would spend eternity with HIM. He also promises to give us the desires of our hearts, and as travel this life, I find that HE HAS CHANGED what those desires are, and the PEACE I find in Jesus is wonderful.


  20. Wow, talk about closet case 101.

  21. Greg Busch says:

    My response to what is on the screen at 9:16 is just THIS: mr. thompson, enjoy HELL muthafukka!!

  22. Alisa Belove says:

    This is why Depp rarely gives interview because if people really knew him they would plainly see he is a Satanist and not watch his crap movies.

  23. Martina Gail says:

    …I remember an 'interview' in Vanity Fair (while I was still reading that dreck) where Johnny Depp LITERALLY passed out on the toilet, drunk, at the end. The author somehow tried to make that look 'cool'.
    …I feel sorry for the guy…or whatever is left of him, now. As for Hunter S Thompson? A run of the mill piece of backwoods shit who got lucky.
    Choose Christ today, and in all things; you don't have to be perfect- just willing.
    On a related note:
    I like the guy. Maybe the NWO will let him go; I am sickened by what, I believe, he was forced to participate in for fame. But that's entertainment.
    …I remember a time when Johnny wasn't THIS bad ?

  24. Praise J J M We Can Start To Think!ALERT VIEWS Untallied!

  25. Ann T says:

    St Michael the Arch Angel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil! We humbly pray oh do thou oh prince of the heavenly host by the power of GOD thrust into hell satan and all the other evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruins of souls!!! AMEN!! In JESUS name & the Almighty GOD!

  26. Ann T says:

    I use to like Johnny Depp but after seeing this! Not any more!!!

  27. Hunter S. Thompson needs to be questioned.. I'm starting to get pissed off and no holds barred.

  28. Mr&Mrs C says:

    religion is worthless but God is real … I remember being an atheist and it was awful … if you dont want to know God is real you dont ask … some people prefer to be their own God … its pretty much what it comes down to if you cant simply ask God if hes real …

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