There is a reason we see so much evil symbolism in music videos and celebrity pictures. There is a reason why all of the lyrics in main stream music is about evil things. The satanic agenda pushes all of these things to us subconsciously through the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the celebrities we look up to and want to emulate. There is a reason for the government corruption such as pizzagate we see today. This world has always and will always be about the satanic agenda until the final battle when Jesus comes to reclaim his people and end this once and for all.

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  1. people don't email nasty things about how you feel I'm not here to here your feeling of hate I will not read it I will delete it because I'm not here read your bs and listen to this.

  2. all rap is trash and makes many people trash there music sucks they dress retreated too but hunnging out there paints disrespected women and women and man doing the some not everyone like that but it's not normal to do anything like that weather your a rocker or a so called rapper. it's all satanic and evil.

  3. Shaun stone says:

    All these famous celebrities have sold their soul for MONEY AND FAME. Everyone please don't do what they did. The celebrities are sold out. IN THE NAME OF GOD EVERYBODY PLEASE ACCEPT GOD AS YOUR SAVIOR

  4. Sarah Swartz says:

    be aware our souls are not ours to begin. our souls belong to the Almighty the One who made us!

  5. Scott Wiler says:

    totally pathetic and played out

  6. This video is for idiots ????


  8. Subscribe to my newest channel to help me to expose them

  9. Marcus says:

    All I can say is you're a mug if you entertain anything that comes out of these deadheads' mouths.

  10. Low Light says:

    "Kadosh" = means HOLY, although his pronunciation is bad (Intensionally?)
    Why he says "Adanoi" instead of "Adonai" (meaning God) might be an anagram and a mocking aswell?

  11. look we don't care about celbritties

  12. This is twisted. You don't get to say things and pick them out. Because Economics. Wow.

  13. SeaDragon says:

    NEVER AGAIN will I put any of my hard earned money to anything, Johnny Debb

  14. Get your money young black people , make good music and make a lot of money , music is for entertainment , say whatever you want on a record , we invented rapp music , its the heart of the street , don't be jealous of the next man , do your thing , say whatever you want to say . get that money Dood , don't let a cock sucker stop you . keep rapping players

  15. Cinthia 9 says:

    You know  it's all BS when you see Beyoncé.

  16. i hope all who read this give themselves to JESUS CHRIST

  17. She even went there, English accent…………….

  18. Jaq Jacq says:

    but this is OLD NEWS !!!

    Everybody knows Celebrities / Music Artists / Rappers etc all sell their SOUL in order to achieve FAME/FORTUNE

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