Celebrity alcohol test Taste


This smells like feet and alcohol. ” Watch the video more impressive in BuzzFeedVideo ! Http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo MUSIC Bad Wolf Licensed on …


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  1. Casey Bell says:

    when that guys said. " look at Dan, he's never been with a cooler group of people". Makes me want to punch that guy in the face

  2. ReKinn says:

    I know there are plenty more out there, but Cabo Wabo tequila by Sammy Hagar is delicious for anyone who's a fan of tequila. Bit pricey, but worth it if you feel like splurging.

  3. Royals says:

    Sick beat so I googled Big Bad Wolf song. Let's just say that Duck Sauce isn't it.

    Who's the artist behind this track?

  4. i pove that asian guy…. always looks asian but then he always ends up being a racist black guy

  5. Dusse good as hell, no hangover BUT takes forever to give u that buzz u want. And im not really a drinker. But i do recommend it for the light drinkers/wine sippers

  6. Aween Akot says:

    Why do you guys hate Nicki some much damn

  7. nounna Lakri says:

    Now i just want to get drunk and fall asleep

  8. Skye O'Brien says:

    I imagine JT smells like ranch dressing

  9. nickgomez93 says:

    eew j.t invested in sauza?! thats like the worst tequila lol

  10. nickgomez93 says:

    ive always wanted to get skull vodka
    no idea it was dan akroyds! lol

  11. how can eugene be perfect everywhere i see him

  12. Crie says:

    When you drink Nicki Minaj's lip gloss

  13. it aint ralph tho

  14. 0:27, dude in black, it aint ralph tho

  15. Always love Eugene and Ashley pairing comment's :B

  16. try some philippines alcohol!!!!

  17. Steve Sharp says:

    Dan ackroyd has never been with a cooler bunch of people in his life!!!!!! Just think about that for a second.. kanye west, jayz pharrell and all those knob-heads… compared to just as one example. The blues brothers cast, John lee hooker, Aretha franklin, John belushi, Carrie fisher, cab calloway, james brown… Think before you speak.

  18. John Furlone says:

    lol dude at 3:04 Dan Aykroyd hasn't been with a cooler set of people?!

    Who you gonna call?

  19. DjJake says:

    witch head would u like lmao

  20. Celebrities and alcohol shouldn't mix.

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