CFG: WORLD WAR 3! How Close are We? RUSSIA IRAN TURKEY Alliance! USA and ISRAEL Relationship Over?


Welcome back to Church for Gamers! Before we get into another series or book in the Bible, I thought I might share a Prophecy from the Book of Ezekiel that is …


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  1. HeirOfGotham says:

    Very high level stuff hear and very interesting

  2. DocdADeaD says:

    8 days away.

    I'm not a religious person at all.
    I honestly listen to your commentaries when I want to hear stories. I just find it very interesting how you interpret to modern day events.

  3. So I don't want to come across as being disrespectful, I'm a non believer and all.. But how do you know for a fact that Russia is Satan's army? I'm sure they probably see it the other way around, no?

  4. aww man brotha great great topic i loved it u do such a great job with this church for gamers so awesome.. much appreciated keep up the good work an ill b looking forward to next sundays episode. god bless

  5. ChillzDude says:

    Grey you are very Knowledgeable.
    Not many people know the information you shared.
    I loved the prayer at the end!
    And yes Iran do hate us. Before I was born, Iraq and Iran were in a war for 8 years. And during the USA vs Iraq many Iranian's came to Iraq and started terrorist groups. This will all come to an end and I feel like it will be soon!!

  6. Nick Holden says:

    Ru Christian bro?

  7. Nick Holden says:

    2:00 fuck Obama bitch ass lol, worst president ever all he care about is fuckin niggers like himself, but anyway great video bro!

  8. Baysidecoach says:

    Very timely. I am surprised to find that you have the courage to talk about this. I guess I should not be surprised. It's the reality we live today. But few want to talk about it. Again, thank you. GS

  9. Josef Mayor says:

    They have evidence that Russia did hack the emails so Clinton wasn't just randomly picking Russia.

  10. Josef Mayor says:

    I don't think Russia will ever successfully sell a nuke to anyone. If they even tried it would most likely be considered an act of war and the US among others would shut it down

  11. look at Grey advancing the lords kingdom. Right on brother.

  12. Scrizz FX says:

    A secret is that israel will come together with iran, their "Savior" is the same.

  13. Joshua Huber says:

    Fantastic content! I'm a rainbow six player so I almost never touch COD but the content you create keeps me coming back. Great work man!

  14. I wonder if they will rebuild the temple then……

  15. Arcane Scar says:

    Humans huh.. When we ever learn..

  16. 1009wilmer says:

    Psalms 118 and psalms 2 the father is going to give the son the nations of the world and he is going to destroy them it's bad for those people lol

  17. Scary as…great cfg!

  18. I believe in the word of God, but I also believe that this War can be averted and that global peace can be achieved through certain policies, such as the No-First-Use Policy (that would prohibit nuclear first strike from the United States, potentially leading to other countries adopting the same policy) as well as the proposed outlaw of nuclear weapons from the UN. I like to look at the world through science, and to not accept the world for what it is, rather to view it for how it could be. I find biblical passages interesting to view through this mindset, even though they don't exactly go hand in hand with each other. Thank you for the video, allowing me to express my personal beliefs of the world. I believe wholeheartedly that we can make peace on Earth, as that is all God ever wanted as well. "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." -Romans 12:18

  19. loko lokko says:

    Amén brother!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Designedcoma says:

    Its certainly some interesting times we are heading into for sure.

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