Change to Official US Symbol


Change to Official US Symbol – a must see!



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  1. Pathos11 says:

    Unfortunately this baby/disease deflector is defective and “we the people” will get infected with every known political disease as mentioned in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

  2. Pathos11 says:

    Who will be smart enough to wear one?

  3. GJS says:

    Unfortunately things won’t miraculously improve if the Repubs are voted in, there are way too many aspects involved now.
    The only way is to vote AGAINST the two major parties, what more must they do ? actually ask you to bend over before people change their ludicrous attitude of treating them like a football or basketball team & giving them a lifelong committment no matter what they do, it truly is ridiculous, particularly when you have a choice.
    Surely even the sceptics must realise now the whole western world is in real trouble & if you need a refresher course to remember what happens when things get desparate you better start reading the history books.
    I just hope enough people realise before any decision is taken out of your hands.

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