Video: Chaos Warned Near As Solar “Madness” Circles Globe


A chilling research paper authored by Victor A. Brumberg, a top theoretical physicist specializing in relativistic celestial mechanics and astrometry at the Institute of Applied Astronomy in St. Petersburg, is warning today that our Earth is in the grip of “Solar Madness” that is causing massive social and economic upheaval around the globe and is set to unleash upon the United States “unprecedented chaos.”

Brumberg, along with his collaborator Russian dynamicists Gregoriy A. Krasinsky, is best known for his 2004 research proving that our Earth and Sun are moving apart, a finding confirmed this past June when Takaho Miura of Hirosaki University in Japan, in an article submitted to the European journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, stated that that the Sun and Earth are literally pushing each other away due to their tidal interaction.

In Brumberg’s latest paper he builds upon the studies of how magnetic storms affect the human body conducted by Doctor-Scientist Tamara Breus of Russia’s Institute of Space Studies and whose research showed that 70% of all micro variations, caused by geomagnetic disturbances, are accompanied by an abnormally high incidence of heart attacks (a growth of about 13%), and blood-strokes (7.5% growth).

Dr. Breus further stated about his research: “The influence of a magnetic storm was obvious. It was manifest in a change of pulse and blood pressure, vegetative disorders, reduction of heartbeat rate variability and the power of respiratory undulations, and in a more irregular heartbeat pattern. Reactions varied depending on the duration of the flights and an ability of cosmonauts to adapt themselves to the new environment.”

Shortly after the launch of the first satellites, mankind discovered the solar wind – a continuous flow of hot plasma from the solar corona. At a distance of 10-12 Earth’s radii in the direction of the Sun, where the energy of the solar wind equals that of the Earth’s magnetic field, solar wind particles change their direction, and flow around the Earth, forming a comet-like plasma vacuum — the magnetosphere. The size of its sophisticated but fairly stable structure depends on solar wind pressure, and hence, on solar activity.

The tail of the magnetosphere, which stretches for hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the direction opposite to the Sun, accumulates magnetic energy. From time to time, it is released in explosions, which heat up plasma, and create powerful electric currents (millions of amperes). When such bursts follow one another, the magnetosphere is filled to capacity with hot plasma, while its electric currents embrace the entire near-Earth space. These phenomena are referred to as geomagnetic storms.

Along with the findings discovered by Dr. Breus relating to the physical effects of geomagnetic storms upon humans, Brumberg added the research done by Anna Krivelyova and her husband Cesare Robotti for the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta titled Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and the Stock Market [Working Paper 2003-5b, October 2003 PDF] on its psychological effects.

Krivelyova and her husband compiled data on every known geomagnetic storm for the past 70 years. Each storm emits a plasma “bubble” of energy which hurtles into space at an estimated 2 million miles per hour and, in some cases, may collide with the earth’s atmosphere.

Krivelyova and husband Robotti analyzed financial returns on the world-wide investment market in the immediate period following major sunstorm hits on the planet, and found a corresponding statistical dip in stock returns.

“On average, when analyzing the daily data, we find that in days following the geomagnetic storms, there are lower returns on the international market,” Krivelyova said. “The differences are actually quite substantial.”

Nor are they a coincidence, she adds. “Psychological disorders and ‘bad moods’ have been linked to more cautious behavior, including decisions of a financial nature.”

Geomagnetic storm related stock drops are most likely to be felt by individual investors rather than large corporate traders, according to Krivelyova. “Institutional investors will be following some kind of formula most of the time,” she said. “It is the individual investors who are more likely to be affected by this kind of behavior or mood variable.”

In his paper combining the known physical and psychological effects upon humans caused by geomagnetic storms, Brumberg asserts that a “strong case” can be built linking our Suns recent upheavals to the unprecedented social and economic chaos currently hitting nearly every corner of our planet.

From massive protests throughout the Arab world, to Israel where hundreds of thousands remain in the streets protesting their government, to China where mass protests are seeming to erupt on a weekly basis, to Europe where mass protests in Greece, Spain and Italy have brought their governments to near collapse, to England where many of their cities were set aflame last week by rioting mobs, to South America where hundreds of thousands continue mass protests in Chile, to India hit with their worst protests in decades, and too many other countries to mention in just one article, our world today, indeed, appears as if it is on the cusp of near collapse.

Brumberg in making his “strong case” for blaming geomagnetic storms for this unprecedented global upheaval states his analysis of our Suns activity this year proves it could very well be the underlying cause and notes that since 7 March of this year alone our Earth has been hit with:  35 M-class flares, 2 X-class Flares, 2 C-class LDE [Long-Duration Event] Flares each lasting 9hrs, and 1 C-class LDE Flare lasting 10hrs, each of them coinciding with major protests, riots and/or stock market collapses.

Important to note is that these geomagnetic storms have become so severe the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned this past week that our Earth could be hit by at least four gigantic solar storms in the next couple of years, which could cause global disruptions in GPS systems, power grids, satellite communications, and airline communications while NASA has warned that a peak in the Sun’s magnetic energy cycle and the number of sun spots or flares around 2013 could cause extremely high radiation levels and year-long power outages could result from them along with nuclear crises’.

Brumberg, however, asserts in his paper that the worst catastrophes to be caused by these geomagnetic storms are not in the disruptions to normal life described by NOAA, but instead lies in the mass unraveling of human society due to their effect upon the human bodies delicate electro-biological system, most specifically our brains being able to function normally while at the same time being bombarded with massive electromagnetic shocks.

Brumberg further warns that the nation most likely to be affected next by unprecedented chaos is the United States, which he states is currently teetering on the balance of mass social and economic upheaval with signs of unrest growing and which the ominous new Sun-spot now expanding and warned to throw more flares towards our Earth will, no doubt, accelerate.

Interesting to note in Brumberg’s report is his assertion that our Sun’s present activity cannot be explained by any known science without including an “unnamed actor” as being the main cause of its present upheaval.

The “unnamed actor” mentioned by Brumberg causing this present chaos was first mentioned this past year [see video below] by astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who warned this past February that evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system, far beyond Pluto.


The theoretical object, dubbed Tyche, is estimated to be four times the size of Jupiter and 15,000 times farther from the Sun than Earth and is said by many experts to be cause of the unprecedented number of comets and asteroids [see video below] currently hurtling towards our planet.


Most interesting to note about this brown dwarf star theorized by Matese and Whitmire is that this past spring the government of Switzerland, for reasons yet to be explained, included it on one of their Swiss Franc currency notes [see video below] showing the orbit is would take through our Solar System.


Even more interesting is a recent video posted on YouTube [see video below] from a NASA “insider” claiming that US and many other world governments have long known of the approach of this mysterious space object and from the myths and legends left to us from our most ancient peoples warned that its passing would cause a geomagnetic disruption so severe it would leave virtually the entire population of our planet “stark raving mad.”


To the outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, other than to note that with this issue now being brought to the forefront of human knowledge it bears our paying close attention to as these perilous times we live in get stranger by the day.


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  1. John Barbas says:

    Are the El or the 12 gods of Olympus on their way back to protect us and free us? We have many indications that this is true. The object that follows Elenin is supposed to be ancient Greek Godess Athena with her planet called “Gorgonio”. The time of Apokalypse is coming. Look over for Nikita Chroutsof’s report around the 1960’s. “The Greek spacecrafts are waiting for the time of apokalypse”.
    It’s all have to do with what is going on at Greece the past year or so. Do not let them fool you. Nibiru does not exist. All the planets have Greek names. Why this one doesn’t? Be alerted. Do not believe what you see, trust your feelings.

  2. dann rivera says:

    Whatever it is that’s coming our way, it’s coming and is wrecking havoc in our earth right now. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, category 5 huricanes, world economic collapse, fall of governments, social and moral decline, the future looks bleak. We are entering the darkest hours of human history but don’t despair we’ve been promised a new tomorrow where sorrows and pain are no more.

  3. Adrian Bones says:

    This brown dwarf could be Nibiru ?

  4. Ritm says:

    How one can be prepared to a fantasy? This thing may well be fitting to some depopulation cover-up agenda when physic and/or psychic WMD could be used against nations. Even if “nibiru” actually exists, both natural (or naturalistic) and a sick men-made planned events may occur.

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