Chemtrails : What Chem-Trails Do to Us and How They Cover it Up (Full Documentary)



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  1. I saw another video where she okayed the. Hemtrqils usage….smh

  2. el guapo says:

    46 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore … did she ever get to the bottom line? This woman kills me

  3. Don't forget this has been going on since WWII when they replaced bomb loads, loaded the hidden tanks and deployment equipment from vets in the remote bases in the pacific and Europe. 

  4. R Biggs says:

    fuckin' wasted college education on that confused tree buggin', tree smokin' bitch. She has it all wrong. They're not manipulating the weather at all. What they're doing is killing Mendocino County's biggest cash crop and industry by dumping tons of Round Up from the sky. That way this man may STOP getting stoned, confused and dressing like a lesbian woman.

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