Chicago Nuke Attack Planned for 2015

Jodi Swan

A Romanian hacker who accessed the private email accounts of numerous top government & military officials has predicted that a nuclear attack will hit Chicago in 2015. Guccifer, notorious for hacking the email accounts of the Bush family and the Rockefellers, is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence. He eluded the FBI and Secret Service for years, but they were finally able to catch up with him.

Chicago Nuke Attack Planned for 2015

“I was expecting them, but the shock was still very big for me,” he said in his first interview since being hauled away. “It is hard to be a hacker, but even harder to erase your tracks. I knew they were coming for me,” he recalled. “My sixth sense told me I was surrounded. I was losing control of the situation.”

Incredibly, Guccifer, who’s real name is Marcel-Lehel Lazar, was able to access private self-portraits painted by George W. Bush and sensitive military information with only nominal computer skills. The 43-year-old former taxi driver had no special training or equipment. He hacked personal email accounts by simply guessing passwords.

Lazar gained access to the emails of Corina Cretu, a 47-year-old Romanian politician who sent pictures of herself in a bikini to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The American politician has denied an affair between the two and urged Cretu to delete the images after his own computer was hacked.

“He was not really a hacker but just a smart guy who was very patient and persistent,” said Viorel Badea, the Romanian prosecutor who put Lazar away. “He is just a poor Romanian guy who wanted to be famous,” explained the prosecutor, who leads a cybercrime team in Romania’s organized crime unit. Do you believe that Lazar’s accusations of an imminent nuclear attack on Chicago hold any weight? Tell us in the comments section.

H/T: NY Times

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  1. Susanne says:

    It is really anyone’s guess but seeing that he’s in jail…….why would he incriminate himself further? Jail for hacking is not acceptable to me as the NSA goes free for the most incriminating style of hacking this globe has ever seen.

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