Childhoods End TV Series Satans UFO Deception is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.


An investigative look into the signs all around us that show we are nearing the end of days. ◅ Revelation 13 ▻ King James Bible The Beast Out of the Sea 1And …


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  1. Jaime B says:

    When you are with God evil does not exist anymore.

  2. Jaime B says:

    The way that you see God is according to your intentions. You are looking into a mirror.

  3. Jaime B says:

    When your intentions are bad you see the devil as a reflection of God… but when your intentions are good you will not judge a book by it's cover.

  4. George Lotz says:

    This series gave me the creeps.

  5. I had a nightmare when I saw him on the first night of that show

  6. It's interesting that this show aired on the 14 th. Isaiah chapter 14 is the Lucifer chapter. Some people are saying that the devil doesn't look like Karellen , that no one would give themselves to something that looked like that. However , satan TRANSFORMES himself into an angel of light , so maybe he has a true form and that true form is like Karellen , just saying. And lots of people worship the devil in the image of Karellen and have no problem with that look , he's their god. He is also called the red dragon Rev. 12 : 3

  7. Leo Husak says:

    Mark ,t the new google doodle Beethoven shows the seals open….

  8. mark keep up the good work …

  9. I did watch the series and I totally agree but also what I came away with is we also are caretakers and was given a chance to take care of this world. WE HAVE FAILED on taking care of our planet and every living thing. which we have.

  10. nfaguade says:

    Confirmed for being a swine who hasn't read the book.

  11. WeeScottie01 says:

    It's a t.v. show guys, not the end of days ffs you guys really need to get out more.

  12. elijah moore says:

    what my friends I'll give it to you the power of God increase this is awesome

  13. elijah moore says:

    get ready about to happen

  14. Hey Groxtv, check out the google doodle today the 17th it shows 666 and other things. See you on the next vedio.

  15. Childhood's end is a sci fi novel from the 1950s. Involving heaven and hell and using the bible as a source book is a common feature in sci fi literature of the period. I don't like it when religious extremists who think that everything is about their holy book try to use other people's creations to gain followers in their end of days cult.

  16. CREAMYRICAN says:

    Visitation demons are Solomons metals=VACCINES INTO THE RED Womb 

  17. Frank Man says:

    No one talks about what happened to the trio AFTER eden. Did Satan, Adam and Eve just break up or did he stay with them and made them and their brood the monarchies that have ruled the earth throughout the ages? Notice how Satan never acts directly he always offers a choice. Only the crack dealer was harmed directly, everyone else was given a choice. Interesting.

  18. Thank you Lord for yet another day. Please give us more time.

  19. at 1:40, ol' boy was the "bad" doctor on nip/tuck

  20. nene henry says:

    that telescope is cern. The on at the Vatican.

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