Chile Helicopter UFO – FULL (see Leslie Kean’s article for backstory)


For the formal post by Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean detailing this video (introduced by the Chilean Navy) see :


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  1. It's just Pinochet throwing leftist from an helicopter

  2. Will Bloom says:

    Yes it's a UFO – The U is the most important letter. Unidentified. Alien origin? That's another thing. It's a mistake to make UFO synonymous with alien origin. Unidentified means unidentified. Look up unidentified in a thesaurus. There is no mention of alien or extra terrestrial.

  3. k96 says:

    Donald Tramps flying wig was catching fire

  4. so aliens are real after all, good job Chilean Navy

  5. apparently everyone in the comments are expert scientists

  6. yo vi uno igual en colombia

  7. Neo Zoror says:


  8. C'est un ovni à moteur diesel ?

  9. Matt Kari says:

    at 0:45 it looks like a drone with 4 propellers

  10. Spawn says:

    ça s'appelle une poussiere sur l'objectif ! faudrait arreter de bander à la premiere tache venu l es mecs !

  11. it would have been a very good video in 1945 !

  12. Why is this 2014 footage in black and white, with no sound? Does the Chilean army use cams of the WW1?

  13. NounourSOAD says:

    It's a fucking drone. Are people completly retarded?
    You can even see the 4 blades at 43s.
    People are so credulous it's unbelievable.
    What's with all fucktards believing in alien ships, religious shit, flat earth in fucking 2017.

  14. Serge Bouvet says:

    Ahahahaha 🙂 As usual, all the documents of UFO are always blurred.

  15. Jim Oberg says:

    Kean's written a NEW article, read it and weep, UFO buffs.

  16. Ga Jo says:

    Look like Drone Quadcopter nothing with Ovni

  17. mihey245 says:

    Как задолбали эти фейки ((( картинка меняется, а отсчет времени как шел так и идет…

  18. jim oberg says:

    Kean has now conceded the skeptics were right and the video shows a commercial aircraft.

  19. On dirait que l'objet en question lâche une fumée ou un produit dans l'atmosphère, L'objet qui flotte expulse genre pour moi un échappement.

  20. CAJUN says:

    yup, that is definately a carrier, ive seen pics of the cigar shaped carriers…inside and out..

  21. CAJUN says:

    yup, alien poop

  22. UFOs don't show themselves to people with good cameras.

  23. Alan Marlin says:

    Debunked a while back most of these are offshore drilling wells.

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  25. Too bad those sights/cross-hairs obscure what we're supposed to look at.

  26. tr763 says:

    so aliens traveled light years to fly around and fart swamp gas into the chilean airspace? sorry if im skeptical lol. Chile doesn't have fighters to intercept the big bad alien intruders… dumb.

  27. 4chan playing pranks again.

  28. ibexy says:

    its always hazy and barely visible

  29. Seeding the clouds for climate change. Chemtrails, chemtrails, the sky is falling.

  30. David Ramey says:

    Wow, military needs better cameras

  31. Wang Nutz says:

    The time stamp, rr numbers and read out frame grid never change….yet the actual video inside the frame grid does. If you zoom, cut like this in a post edit those numbers would change.
    They do not.
    How stupid are you people?

  32. Joe Hanna says:

    And the conclusion is: ….and the Chilean government is using potatoes for video cameras…

  33. Quixpeed says:

    its Gru, and he is up to something

  34. MECHcore says:

    Its the latest type of a moonshine installation i think.

  35. Midas Snap says:

    It was Trumps ego.

  36. I think the answer of this visual phenomenon is in ''simplicity''. It's a living entity form by multiple living of the same species. Perhaps bugs or birds who know.

  37. Rita liela says:

    it was just a black blob in the sky…… they should have got closer and taken better video of it then we would know what it was….

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