China Billionaire Jack Ma Predicts World War 3


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Jack Ma of Alibaba site predicts World War 3. AMTV : Donate $ 5 / month for …


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  1. Tom Ocean says:

    Pussy fart……..

  2. TemplarX2 says:

    WTF is wrong with this faggot host? Kick this cunt off youtube. Is this faggot for real? He probably thinks he is funny. Flag and thumb this shit down. What an outrageous faggot poseur.

  3. rolandgarroz says:

    collapse of the eurozone? dumb idiot

  4. BrankoP85 says:

    Jack Ma IS a part of the "new world goverment" plan, i.e. the NWO plans, so its not suprising to see him speak SO highly of this SHIT!!

    A billionaire wanting to HELP the small people, masses? Suuure, whatever you say Ma!!! "world WAR is a good thing"…Just think about that statement for a second!..How absurd and WRONG isnt that statement?

    yes, its GOOD for weapon dealers, providers, and all these billionaires (like Jack Ma) Wars are profitable as FUCK for the right people, but for the remaining 99% rest of the world, its a nightmare!

    Just tell anybody, that experienced War(s) that its a "good" thing. Fuck you Jack Ma, and all you other billionaires.

  5. berto says:

    Yes, it will be the world against China.

  6. Wide Open says:

    The bastards 1% want to equalise all the world and make them eat each other to ruin.

  7. Couldn't really hear what he was trying to say , just heard weird noises .

  8. To ny says:

    This difficult to watch

  9. Fucking annoying.

  10. Daniel ONeil says:

    This video makes you look idiotic.

  11. M Wing says:

    If Donald Trump is elected that is when you will get to be involved in ww3. Plus yer just silly!

  12. Andy Peng says:

    Just a hopeless loser made a rubbish video here. This idiot glass moron can't even said Alibaba right.

  13. Sal Topete says:

    I think your childish jokes are not giving' you any credibility

  14. Danyal Kazmi says:

    The most [email protected]#%*ed up video on youtube..

  15. ALEX 2n8n says:

    Stop saying "ALIBABABABAB " stfu that's why u will never be Jack ma.

  16. david christ says:

    Check out blind leaders and false new covenant-party of love……Utube!

  17. Stuff says:

    Blah blah blah… You are just copying Alex Jones and trying to enrich yourself selling water filters and shit.

  18. I'm jealous of Jack Ma too, Alibaba!,Ma's an ugly fucker though, but still CHICKS DIG THE CASH!!!!!!!!

  19. Your just to bellend american ……..

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