China – Hell March – the largest army in the world – FULL (Official)



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  1. tr3nta says:

    Those girls with pink/red dresses do what ? They look like some sort of guard

  2. Fucking shitty video. Don't spam your fucking annotations everywhere.

  3. Pakistan says:

    with love and respect from Pakistan. Long live China and Pakistan :)

  4. mehdi rachid says:

    best army ,china is coming

  5. height of synchronizing

  6. chinese soldiers put down the guns and come home if all these rich politicians want a war give them the guns and let them fight your families need you

  7. Tai Mir says:

    America wont know whats hit it if it went to war with Russia and China

  8. Eric Joseph says:

    the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) still conducts long-distance maneuver training at speeds measured by how fast the next available cargo train can transport its tanks and guns forward. And if mobilizing and moving armies around on railway tracks sounds a bit antiquated in an era of global airlift, it should – that was how it was done in the First World War.

  9. Wyatt Brown says:

    Damn commie bastards

  10. This sounds like red alert command and conquer

  11. This made me communist! Lol

  12. Robert Huges says:

    bad mother fuckers!

  13. Mark Brown says:

    I better marry me a china girl…and quick ><

  14. Parham h says:

    all the US high tech weaponery wont matter at the end to the man power, this is what power is organized army

  15. Vinay Pawar says:

    Hell Strong
    Respect from India.
    China should understand India is not is enemy.

  16. The West had their fun. It's the East turn.

  17. Foordy288 says:

    nice touch with command and conquer sound track lol

  18. Let the red flag fly over the white house

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