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  1. Marcy Marcy says:

    The dollar is on the verge of total collapse and Russia and China started to trade without the dollar. Syria air space no fly imposed by Hillary. Every leader is pissed at the other and innocent people will die

  2. de mente says:

    why us army or navy are in other country. better they should take care only us people and stop send troops to put them in risk and far away to they families. like a wise man says : the respect to others rights… its peace!!

  3. Brad H says:

    America Fuck yeah!! haha

  4. spring 12 says:

    I wonder how much that pos barbara starr got paid by the Arabs to call the Persian gulf" A gulf" these people have no shame.

  5. AND WHO GIVE THEM BILLIONS OF DOLLARS? that niggar that you put in the white house

  6. maybe a half truth like setting up a false flag America is pretty good at that.

  7. Chanda Phiri says:

    Americans are so brainwashed that even when war is inevitable to them it bullshit news. Wake up, watch what your leaders have done and are doing wrong. Like Hellary Clinton's policy of a no fly zone in Syria that will definitely cause a start of WW3. Pray that Hellary is not the next president otherwise we will all suffer at her hands.

  8. Ricky Lahey says:

    why is this allowed to be posted?

  9. UtdMan4eva says:

    tacobell anyone?

  10. john sun says:

    only US can trigger WW3

  11. bull shit nothing is going to happen it's a one world goverment.

  12. Petter Pam says:

    The whole point is why is America doing so hard with it doing for Europe maybe that's where the elite bank is oil from what you need to f*** you take out your Germany France Italy the Vatican should be the first Target

  13. Petter Pam says:

    The Vatican Saudi Arabia should be the first targets and the rest of your Germany every one of the nation's that should be taken out immediately especially Saudi Arabia the Vatican we got rid of the Vatican get rid of all the b***** we could become a people as we are we get rid of Saudi Arabia and Israel 3/3 problems

  14. Petter Pam says:

    Hey thanks to the bankers other will try to kiss you just carry the full day thanks to the podesta's also and all the chemical companies and all the drug companies thank you hope for a win free and the rest of you scum thank you Hollywood thank you very much thank you so much Hollywood thank you for your love thank you for your love CNN CNBC and the rest of you stupid idiots you morons you're all going to die or something to get a guy your mothers are going to die if others are going to die your children they're going to die everybody from seeing that all your bunk is people in Congress people and send it to pedophilias thank you because you know what you idiots you think those bunkers are going to save you haha stupid morons every one of you every one of you ladies in the world you retarded you are all responsible for the world for it beien has as it has been you know who's going to win people only be 500 million people left on the entire world and not smell and the ones going to survive you think you can just time travel and change time yes what idiots hope your fuse you alive but not many and even you try to correct it won't do any good you'll be wiped out all of you in the media all of you in the media all of you and all the corporate movies Disney drug companies and all of you will not Escape even if you think you gonna survive not happening sory we are all toast melted into the Earth foolish foolish foolish infiltrated do you think this world will be for you as it was for malevolent I rather see this world blown to pieces you all have it for the curse that I put up on every one of you including all your cookies all of your days are numbered you think you're all smart and Rich fake money and trinkets you'll be denied Passage will be the night passes because I will be there to take you all Crusher Souls over and over over in this life and in the past love that comes Crush miss you feel the burn now

  15. Haha…ballistic missile

  16. Could it be that Kim is fishing for some the $33m cash America paid the Philippines for calling them names?

  17. 37persian says:

    USA loos with little japan and they had to use nuk against innocent people. They have never ever won the war finding poor countries like Afghanistan or Iraq to fight with and they call themselves a hero. Hahaha. Child minded 

  18. reza kamyab says:

    All Americans can do against IRAN is to make fake name for the PERSIAN Gulf . And even that won't work because this gulf has been Persian since thousand years ago and it will remain PERSIAN GULF FOR EVER.

  19. This shit is fucking old…

  20. Karen p says:

    F him he's so ugly he uses power to feel good about his lack of intelligence and looks..

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