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  1. alanmeires says:

    Also if I was America I would spend. Billions of dollors and design a anti sub search and destroy mini sub that can track down any subs it gos looking for like Chinese and Russian subs once you can track and find these fucking things then that's there main weapon out of the game , and there Air Force is no match for NATO or is the Chinese please don't try and make out china are up there with the tec America have got because I would have money on it that America are at least 5 yesrs in front of both china and Russia with tec there army might be just as big as America but that's all then America has NATO to back them up. Which is about 25 different country's . And some powerful ones at that Germany france , England which of all have nukes that's with out japan holland Canada Australia South Korea Israel ect ect ect ect fuck that's just off the top of my head and there's at least 10 more so china and Russia want to look out because America have anough nukes to alone to wipe out china and Russia at once I'm not saying they couldn't wipe out the yanks of course they could but who would be the winners in the long run ??? No one. A sub hunter is what you need now days knock out all your enemy subs and you have won the war believe me.

  2. muza says:

    what gonna happen to the beautiful ladies in Russia if world war 3 happened???

  3. Axel Paff says:

    CNN is a fucking zionist shit

  4. bullshit, Iran can't throw a party

  5. Josh Nick says:

    CNN is going to brainwash you

  6. jack hunter says:

    no worries here …one of our nuke attack subs could take out russia china n korea in a heart beat ..yup

  7. And rightly so ehy the fuck does America have the right to be in every country in the world?

  8. Yen Lam says:

    then again my fellow commented below,we all might want to seriously consider getting our souls right with Jesus!!
    (Chuck R.777)

  9. That Russian plane was waaay further than 30ft from the ship. More like 300ft.

  10. KJ Quigley says:

    Absolute horse manure

  11. 5% Music says:

    Every time my dream take a shape by karim capuano is the best song ever.

  12. Not true US propaganda lies

  13. Thank you to our government

  14. dariuana says:

    the woman on CNN looks like an old Vergin.

  15. 01017400 says:

    get out America !

  16. Propaganda in this CNN video is at a high

  17. Baba booiey baba booiey…Howard sterns penis 

  18. yeboyesful says:

    CNN propaganda of "war"…

  19. The US provoked this – this is the result of idiot G.Bush who referred him as part of the axis of evil. Every country has a right to defend themselves. As least thats what Israel says as they kill baby and mothers in their homes in gaza, the war criminals.

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