China, Russia, the U.S. and WW3 – Impending World War Just Days Away!


WW3 Russia, China, Turkey, the US. A Dire Message. “World War 3 will start before the US election,” according to Vladimir Putin China, Russia, the U.S., WW3 …


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  1. Liked of course too?

  2. Have you got Jesus?If not you better soon.

  3. China GROUND troops, SOLDIERS, on Syria? plz source?? if this is true shit is about to hit the fan

  4. Yer Vang says:

    please vote for miss clinton

  5. Erin Malle says:

    Wish I had money for a trump sign

  6. wm curry says:

    WE THE PEOPLE need to unite now before it gets worse cuz once it DOES and it will then it will be too LATE,once the internet goes down & censoring gets worse !! we need points of contact as to how to proceed (mid american patriot) I am located in S.W.PA. (724) 478 5104 (HOME) (CELL) 724 954 1079 – desperate measures for desperate times we need ACTION now !!!!

  7. Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested Immediately For Rape. –;article=156738;title=APFN
    Hillary Clinton Murder Suspect In Death Of UFO Researchers. –;article=156733;title=APFN
    InfoWars Avoids Cathy O'Brien Rape by Hillary Clinton Report –;article=156730;title=APFN

  8. Superb. Thank you very much for posting this and hello from Northern Ireland!

  9. rye S says:

    just men having a pissing contest over who's the toughest but the lives of the world arre at stake. the powers that be like to think of themselves as untouchable but they'll feel the cold shiver of reality when it's knockin on their door and suddenly they don't feel so big.

  10. Signs are nice make sure you vote it might be your last chance

  11. Trump's agenda..(1) extreme vetting (2) middle class tax relief and simplification act  (3) Regulatory relief (4) decrease restrictions on US energy (5) 35% tax cut for middle class working families (6) reduce # of tax brackets from 7 to 3. (7) Business tax rate reduced to 15% to bring back US money from overseas (8) use tariffs to discourage US companies from moving overseas  and selling the goods in the US. (9) strong border (10) American Infrastructure Act (public/private partnership) (11) Fix roads, bridge, hospitals, schools $100 Billion over 10 years (12) Reform the Veterans' Administration (13) School Choice and Education Opportunity Act lets parents choose public or private schooling (14)  End Common Core- more local control of education (15) Expand vocational and technical education (16) Build the wall (17) Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act (18) Health Savings Accounts (19) Can purchase health insurance across state lines (20) Let states manage Medicaid funds (21) cut red tape at FDA drug approval process (22) Affordable Child Care and Elder Care Act (23) Tax decuctions for child and elder care (24) employers provide on-site child care (25)Tax Free child care and elder care accounts wit matching contributions for low income families (26)  End Illegal Immigration Act (27) Build Wall- Mexico will pay (28) Two year mandatory federal prison sentence for those coming in illegaly (29) Five year sentence for repeat offenders or those with felony convictions. (30) reforms on Visa rules to prevent overstays (31) Jobs offered to American workers first (32) Restoring Community Safety Act (33) More Federal Prosecutors to get rid of gangs and deport foreign gang members. (34) Restoring National Security Act – rebuild  Military (35) eliminate defense sequester (36) Veterans can use public or private hospitals (37) Protect from Cyber Attacks (38) immigrants must support our values (39) Ethics reform in Washington to make elections less corrupt.

  12. URGENT, 3rd debate, Hillary proclaimed US INVASION of Syria 2x plus no-fly zone enforcement (WAR) See details below VIDEO EDITOR PLEASE,
    Hillary stated outright 2x she plans to lead us into war in Syria. No one is covering this!!!

    Times in this video of 3rd debate: 1:10:30, 1:15:50 Enforce No-fly zone 1:20:14

    Could someone please make a video edit & post to YouTube or Facebook & message me?

  13. This was uploaded October
    18 but he said October 19

  14. SuperKasim1 says:

    If Americans want innocent lifes to waste then god is not on their side!!! Jesus Christ!! Just fuking impeach Obama or don't elect Hillary !!!! That easy!!!!

  15. SomeoneUknow says:

    You like most just fail to understand that no matter WHO the American president is, it's not the elected president who calls the shots (or should be blamed), it's the elite 1% (illuminati) who call the shots. It won't be democracy that determines the next American president. Democracy no longer exists in America, my friend! Trump signs won't help whatsoever!

  16. MrChillin65 says:

    A large proportion of people in my country, the UK, ( those who bother to follow world events) have seen Obama for what he is, and as for hillery, only the blind deaf and dumb see her as a viable option for president…we see Americans as slaves to isreal, the zionists have total control over the us, and due to put in becoming a rouge and not a puppet for isreal, as it had hoped, he is seen as a threat now, hence must be removed, yet he has repeatedly voiced the warning, stop pushing for war, to America, yet America is he'll bent on self destruction and taking the western (and most of the world) with it, isreal sees an opertunity to wage mass war in the middle east, (it's all ready committing war crimes and bombing gaza-innocent palastiniens-and targeting schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure, so it's getting what it wants all along, America to go to war, at last, with Russia/China and if anyone, American or otherwise, think for a second that isreal gives a flying fuck about American lives, then you are just plain stupid. cast your minds back, who attacked a US navel ship, repeatedly then strafed the water with machine cannon fire from jets to kill American service men and women? do your research and you will realise that isreal HATES Americans, as they represent what zionist hates and fears the most FREEDOM.

  17. sniper unu says:

    I am from RUMANIA , USA calme down bcz your no more wath you was think you are this man say all truth abour Rusia from some year you play with fire .. more good take of US COPS DRUGS AND LET OILE OF SIREA AFGANISTAN IRAK BCZ YOU WILL START WW3..

  18. Eduard GV says:

    You fucking idiot cunts !
    America has been at war 93% of the time 222 Out of 239 years – Since 1776
    The fuck is wrong with you people.

  19. ww3 will happen in 2017 you fools

  20. yliang1688 says:

    Another WArmongering FOOL!

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