China Warns Of World War 3 Unless The US Backs Down On South China Sea


Defense Ash Carter on Saturday urged China to stop trying to convert an artificial reefs in the South China Sea country in a military but that the airfield .


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  1. Archie1954 says:

    I’m afraid China will have to wait its turn to destroy the US because Russia gets the first crack. The US just loves to play Empire and pretends to rule the World. So it will be fun to watch the US degenerate into chaos, not from either Russia or China’s actions but from its own internal neglect and incompetency. In actual fact if the other two superpowers wait a little while, they won’t have to lift a finger in anger against the Americans because these less than erudite people will have trashed their own nation from the inside. The others can just waltz in and clean up the mess.

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