China Warns Of World War 3 Unless The US Backs Down On South China Sea


Defense Ash Carter on Saturday urged China to stop trying to convert an artificial reefs in the South China Sea country in a military airfield but that …


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  1. 1. please respect the nature. as we all part of nature. let china solve their problem with their neighbour. when english asked america for helping fight against germany, america reject it till pearl harbour bombed. why now america want to make a war in asia.
    2. ww3 very different with ww2. just push the button, million die. war without honour.
    3. negotiate more cheaper than war. a little sacrifice can save whole world.
    4. we all knew america save europe and asia in the past. now america should divide his power to europe and asia for avoiding america become, tyran and arogan.

  2. berto says:

    1.6 Bilion humans will be wife out of the world. which is good, less people to feed.

  3. Adli Ahmad says:

    who the fuck afraids of china? they cant even beat japan or korea and they think they can beat US?

  4. its not a world war 3..its a world vs china…bcoz of thier greediness

  5. JBlondes24 says:

    fuck china already

  6. Mr sCaMoron says:

    lol at these videos!

  7. darling ba says:

    Oh I'm shaking…look at me…bring it on bitches.

  8. Sean Mayday says:

    apostle Paul u on the right track,.. and sound like you know some truths,..a lot of things going on now in the world today, the pope in new York with you'll President, and the president of china is in America also.. and our prime minister is over there also..,after this comes the seal.


  10. just in case says:

    The problem with China is their shit is made in China.

  11. All shipping will have to pay china a tariff in the near future to enter the south china sea and the west Philippines sea..

  12. World War Three is inedible.

  13. Yabaworld says:

    The US needs to start creating some islands

  14. sootheater says:

    China was NOT serious about going to war. They are just smart enough to realize that we have pathetic weaklings running the US government. Simply speaking the word "war" out loud causes little Bambiboy to immediately hide under a couch and cry.

  15. why you called it china sea?because it belongs to china

  16. Mark Hunter says:

    World war 3 is inevitable. China and Russia are not allies they're both threats to the USA. In the end power is what it all boils down to.

  17. South china sea, not south America sea..get real america,the world is fed up with your meddling in others affairs, you would not like it if anyone done it to you,American government will cause a world war,and believe me the states won't win it?

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