Chinese Eugenics Factory Collects “Genius” DNA To Breed “Enhanced” People


Jurriaan Maessen

According to a leading evolutionary biologist, the Chinese are engaging in a massive breeding operation with the aim of ultimately creating a breed of cognitively enhanced individuals. And what’s more, the China-based eugenics factory recently bought up a large genome research institute in the United States, giving the Chinese access to the DNA of Americans.

Chinese Eugenics Factory Collects “Genius” DNA To Breed “Enhanced” People

In a recent interview with Vice magazine, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller admits to have donated his DNA to an endeavor headed up by the world’s largest genetic research institution based in China’s Shenzhen province. Miller, by his own admission, is one of 2000 “brainiacs” selected by IBG Shenzhen for their transhumanist project. Asked how the company goes after potential DNA-contributors, Miller answers:

“They seem mostly interested in people of Chinese and European descent. They’re basically recruiting through a scientific conference, through word of mouth. You have to provide some evidence that you’re as smart as you say you are. You have to send your complete CV, publications you’ve produced, standardized-test scores, where you went to college… stuff like that.”

After the described recruiting process, the candidates apparently are informed by e-mail. Miller:

“I just got an email a couple of days ago saying that they’d almost finished doing the sequencing for the BGI Cognitive Genetics Project, the one I gave my genetics to, and that the results would be available soon.”

According to Miller the DNA samples were collected mostly from “geniuses” of Chinese and European descent. He also stated outright that the purpose of the entire operation is to use the DNA collected in order to create a new breed of smarter, cognitively enhanced people for the Chinese state. Miller expands by stating that in the Chinese view these sort of state-approved interventions are desirable.

In response to the question how the Chinese are planning to use the “genius” DNA collected in a pratical way, Miller explains the process:

“Any given couple could potentially have several eggs fertilized in the lab with the dad’s sperm and the mom’s eggs. Then you can test multiple embryos and analyze which one’s going to be the smartest. That kid would belong to that couple as if they had it naturally, but it would be the smartest a couple would be able to produce if they had 100 kids. It’s not genetic engineering or adding new genes, it’s the genes that couples already have.”

Miller also stresses that such a breeding program is designed to be successful over a prolonged period of time. He also acknowledges that the Chinese may be motivated by economics to breed “smarter people”.
“Even if it only boosts the average kid by five IQ points, that’s a huge difference in terms of economic productivity, the competitiveness of the country, how many patents they get, how their businesses are run, and how innovative their economy is.”

Miller also takes the liberty of speaking for the Chinese people when it comes to the state’s top-down transhumanist program underway, claiming in so many words that the Chinese people are fine with these interventions. Contrasting US attitudes to such eugenic interventions to Chinese ones, Miller asserts:

“We have ideological biases that say, “Well, this could be troubling, we shouldn’t be meddling with nature, we shouldn’t be meddling with God.” I just attended a debate in New York a few weeks ago about whether or not we should outlaw genetic engineering in babies and the audience was pretty split. In China, 95 percent of an audience would say, “Obviously you should make babies genetically healthier, happier, and brighter!” There’s a big cultural difference.”

These words are from the mouth of an academic, deemed by Chinese eugenicists to be a genius. If this man is a precursor to the envisioned “ubermensch”, then God help all of mankind. If you figure the breeding program to be unethical but safely far away, figure again. The Chinese genetic breeding programs have now been expanded to the United States. Just two days ago, BGI Shenzhen announced having completed the takeover of the US-based Genome research institute “Complete Genomics”. According to the press release, the takeover was “the first time a Chinese company has successfully acquired a US public company”.

Chinese state-sponsored genetic engineers are now expanding their operations to the US. On its own website, Complete Genomics boasts that “Our human genome sequencing technology, which is based on our proprietary DNA nanoarrays and ligation-based read technology, is superior to existing commercially available whole human genome sequencing methods in terms of quality, cost and scale.”

Wonderful, isn’t it? This superior technology is now in the hands of a professed eugenic institution from China, dead set on creating “enhanced” people. The notion to create, through genetic interference, socalled enhanced people (physically) isn’t just on the mind of Chinese geneticists gone wild. It’s on the mind of the global elite. In an article titled The Populations Problem written in October 2012 by Herman Daly, a former World Bank luminary and current professor at the University of Maryland, the suggestion is made that climate change should prompt the scientific community to genetically design smaller human beings. Breeding smaller human beings, Daly asserted, “could be the simplest way of increasing metabolic efficiency (measured as number of people maintained by a given resource throughput).” Daly:

“(…) human organisms might be genetically redesigned to require less food, air, and water. Indeed smaller people would be the simplest way of increasing metabolic efficiency (measured as number of people maintained by a given resource throughput). To my knowledge no one has yet suggested breeding smaller people as a way to avoid limiting births, but that probably just reflects my ignorance. We have, however, been busy breeding and genetically engineering larger and faster-growing plants and livestock. So far, the latter dissipative structures have been complementary with populations of human bodies, but in a finite and full world, the relationship will soon become competitive.”

The professor, by the way, is wrong in asserting that the suggestion is his to claim. Earlier that year professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University S. Matthew Liao wrote a paper in which he proposes a plethora of human engineering possibilities to “help humans consume less”. One of Liao’s proposals states that parents could make use of genetic engineering or hormone therapy in order to birth smaller, “less resource-intensive children”.

The Chinese may launch their eugenics operations for economic reasons, history teaches us that such breeding programs always co-exist with population reduction initiatives- under whatever pretext they are being pushed.

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    when you do this with dogs to make a sub breed all you do is make dogs that have a shorter life span, lots of medical bills, and have personality disorders. If they are not careful, they will breed a bunch of Star Trek Kahn type characters.

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