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(CHICAGO) – South Korea’s daily newspaper is reporting that what Western analysts have feared has happened: Chinese troops have been deployed into North Korea. The Chinese now have a presence in the rogue state for the first time in more than 15 years.

China has had no military presence in the rogue country since 1994 after it quit the Military Armistice Commission that supervises the Armistice that suspended the Korean war.

Since that time, Pyonyang has stridently announced that it will no longer abide by the agreement. During 2010 the North Korean government officially declared that it is once again in a state of war with South Korea and the U.S.

The South Korean government confirmed reports on January 18, 2011 that China has stationed military forces in the special economic zone of Rajin-Sonbong.

It’s a move on China’s part that has seen U.S. and South Korean military experts rushing back to reprogram their war games scenario computers.

A week earlier, the South Korean daily newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, carried quotes from a government official wishing to remain anonymous. The official who works for the South Korean president stated that Party leaders in Beijing and Pyongyang’s leaders recently held “substantive” talks about the need to station Chinese troops in the troubled region.

“North Korea and China have discussed the issue of stationing a small number of Chinese troops to protect China-invested port facilities,” said the official. “The presence of Chinese troops is apparently to guard facilities and protect Chinese nationals.”

The unnamed official further revealed that the Chinese planned to deploy their troops in the city of Rason, within Rajin-Sonbong, a special economic zone located in North Korea’s northeastern quadrant.

The reasoning behind the Chinese troop deployment is presumably to afford protection for Chinese ports that might be at risk if a war breaks out on the Peninsula, but South Korean analysts consulted by the paper point out that the targeted location positions the troops in a militarily strategic location.

The city gives the Chinese direct access to the Sea of Japan.

One senior South Korean official downplayed the report saying that it only permits China to come to North Korea’s aid in the event of greater North Korean instability.

“Pyongyang and Beijing have reportedly discussed the matter of stationing a small number of Chinese troops in the Rajin-Sonbong region to guard port facilities China has invested in,” a Cheong Wa Dae official said. “If it’s true, they’re apparently there to protect either facilities or Chinese residents rather than for political or military reasons.”

The government of North Korea has grown increasingly dependent upon their giant communist neighbor. As the North’s economy continues to deteriorate their saber-rattling has become increasingly bellicose. During December of 2010 they warned that they were ready to annihilate any aggressor and would be more than willing to defend themselves with their nuclear stockpile.

Military nuclear experts estimate the North now has between six to twelve nuclear weapons. None have been successfully modified to arm missiles yet.

The South Korean paper also reported that Seoul’s International Security Ambassador Nam Joo-Hong believed that China had the capability to rush large numbers of troops into the North if extreme stability became evident.

“The worst scenario China wants to avoid is a possibly chaotic situation in its northeastern provinces which might be created by massive inflows of North Korean refugees,” Chosun Ilbo quoted Nam as saying.

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5 Responses

  1. Urdu forum says:

    I agreed with you guys. all about politics.

  2. well, lots of noise in a rotten glas of nothing. You guys better understand strategic first and than start talking. Lots and many ongoing in this world is not made by politics nor by countries, this is only muppet show since the 30s last century. Chinese having useless dollars is that much like US folks having useless dollars so forget about that China will not risk against the US. It already does because China is going to assist NK while SK is kissing the A of the US. In about 5 years from now China will be the owner and the ruler of the US and paranoid cold war killers will scream “didnt we tell it”, having forgotten that China became capitalistic like the US on behalf of the global high finance game laughing about all you and dancing jiddish folk songs with the king of Saudi Arabia and a couple of killers from the billionaires league.
    The funny thing in all is that China is going to give the same old game just a new colour and will obey to the same system first killed and than controlled the US government calling it FED system, than world bank and www net of central banks. IRS, CIA, FBI and moreover US MILITARY working in support of this constitution violating and undermining system (covered by laws, off course) but we dont want to hear anymore about the WATERGATES and not the 9/11 Hollywood Show if the US population is already that dump and rotten of having killed for about 6 decades other countries and cultures only to grant the energy supply of 25% world production to a 4% population (USA). Hope the chinese are not going to be soft with you guys because they are exactly the same and do need exactly the same with the slight difference of being so giantly more ppl you cant even kill with your imrpessive amount of nuc heads.
    Isnt this ugly? Would you prefer we start talking human instead of gaming politics? We got to eliminate politics and the thing which does make politics tick, the poisoned and speculative finance world system and all bastards put to jail for mass murder initiations.

  3. Abaddon says:

    Why would China antagonize the USA when it owns half of America, and has trillions of dollars in its possession? When America has moved out to China thousands of businesses and tens of millions of Jobs to the Orient? When America has been and still is their best customer, and has given them secret military know how, the latest weapon systems, and let China establish itself, and buy their way into scores of countries around the world with US dollars? Is this “cold war” antagonism just a front for the military industrial complex to make more money as they did with the cold war with Russia? Is it to distract us from their real agenda which is to consolidate their global ambitionsof a New World Order? Is an “incident” in the making here for the people of the planet to cry for global unity? Or is it checkmate for us all?

    • Slinton9 says:

      I think you have just answered yourself with the last 3 questions of your post, YES to all 3 questions.

    • mikeyboy says:

      to answer your question POWER. China wants to be the super power or NEEDS to be. If you remove the Tricky Dick Nixion Oil trading in U.S. dollars,China’s real ambition, our currancy is dead and so are we. It seems that China has moved Troops in to protect its assets…dont buy this manuver for a minute. USA will be a war on the Korean peninsula in the next 30 days…Our country has 2 things among other things #1 wide open spaces. #2 a Nation ripe for a Revolution.

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