Sub For more : | Just as the Pentagon ratchets rhetoric , China has made a visit ” good will ” in Jacksonville , Florida. As we noticed a …


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  1. Austin .S says:

    Invoking the name of Teddy Roosevelt in regards to peace….

  2. Steven Marc says:

    Now did the Chinese come to Florida to get a tan? This doesn't make sense! Government's, corporations & banksters are working against the people psychologically mentally and emotionally and soon to be physically I believe!

  3. michajloos says:

    you r so f***ing dumb to say that public

  4. Umm Aminah says:

    They've discovered oil in that region of the South China Sea that's why.

  5. ITS A JOKE , really ,why would we let them dock here if we were about to go to war with them, its more likely their going to help Obama disarm the American people

  6. What a bunch of hippo dung

  7. We need new leaders in America. Seriously. How ling are Americans going to sit back and get fucked with no Vaseline???

  8. Yes, they were invited by the Navy. So?

  9. America starts wars by hiring mercenaries to fight elected regimes and then claims the area is unstable and invades in the name of peace. They just do not tell you the reason there is no peace is because of their own illegal invasions of these areas. China is at least honest and does this without hiding. America is not. American leadership is sleazy.

  10. innHD says:

    United states and China are working together. ching chong

  11. this is true but world war 3 is not happening anytime soon.

  12. Val V says:

    US apparently did this to show their support to allies in the region who had doubts because of US and China ties … Not to "poke" China

  13. if you wanted to understand your enemies capabilities how would you directly access their equipment?? you park in their port and take turns touring each others boats…. do you know how much Intel they can gather by doing this? they are probably building the counter measures already. stupid dumb dumb American leaders. and that's how China kicks the shit out of the US. I wonder how many devices got planted on the American boats…. bet they never thought of that either.

  14. Qilue says:

    There's an indicator that WW3 is imminent – a US carrier group is re-deployed to Australian waters.
    I suspect this might be due to 30% of the world's uranium reserves.

  15. Harold Saive says:

    It makes no sense that we trade with China and are completely dependent on China buying US debt…. You are being deceived. The threat of WWIII is a distraction. ….. The end-game is for China to claim US assets in a debt default as Congress continues to quietly sell-out America to their new Chinese landlords. This is why you see Chinese war ships in the US ports because they virtually have title to these assets. There will be no war because the China has already declared victory . The turnover of US assets to China is a process that will reset the international debt.

  16. Sports? The Chinks will kick our ass in ping pong.

  17. they're dropping under water
    subs close to our ports

  18. Spill Burg says:

    who ordered chinese-to-go this time?

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