CHRIS BROWN UPDATE – Are The Illuminati After Chris Brown ?


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  1. Burke Minns says:

    they'll get him and he knows it he's in trouble and can't get help

  2. Burke Minns says:

    notice he said you'll

  3. Black Lives Matter… Matter? They Never Have… they Never Will… hahaha. When the Black Community acts civilized they will be treated like they are civilized… I do not see that happening soon. The Latino Community will take up the slack and take over the inner cities. The Latino Community will save the inner cities and put and end to the Black Scourge. The Latino Community will not allow the African Community to hold Latinos down, Africans will be required to work… or not eat. The time has come… GO HILLARY CLINTON!

  4. Why were all those cops there?

  5. He definitely be promoting illuminati shit thouggh

  6. Carl Haynes says:

    they coming for Chris he mines well to expose them bitches!!!

  7. c breezy says:

    im'a fart an elephant ???????

  8. Joey Blount says:

    y r they coming for him..plz tell me y

  9. I'm sure Chris Brown is not they only men who beat a women before in American or Else Where. SO STOP been judgemental hater an let this man live has life.

  10. some wrong with this dude

  11. I AM the Pope of Hip-Hop!!!! 1st rule: If you didnt write it, it doesnt count. Its entertaining, but not authentic.

  12. KnewWorld says:

    Drugs Drugs and more Drugs.

  13. Graeme Dixon says:

    hope so….he's a fucking little prick

  14. I feel Michael Jackson and Prince were both Targeted Individuals who were both assassinated by organized crime in the entertainment industry and it looks like they are after Chris Brown now. Let's not forget that Chris Brown idolized Michael Jackson.

  15. Chris full of that shit

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