Christina Grimmie/PULSE Nightclub Shootings ILLUMINATI MK-ULTRA RITUAL SEASON!!!


The murder of Christina Grimmie & “The Hollywood Witches”; PULSE Nightclub Mk-Ultra False Flag TERROR.


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  1. TherealYahu says:

    50 + 53 = 103
    1and 3 , 13… It was all a plan

  2. WOW, I just shared this comment on another video searching for answers. Here is a copy of what I had posted.
    Not sure if this is important or not. If you count back to from Saturday 11when sweet Christina was shot Friday night right?, Monday July 6th, that is 6 days. The date that Monday was 6/06/16. I was working, Monday and had to write out the date. I did not like it. Then the news about her being shot went viral Friday night. She went home by Saturday.
    Christina Grimmie was dedicated to God in her heart and spirit. In the Memorial video that was posted. Her pastor she confided in. Had said, the big music industry people were wanting her to change to their way of doing things. She had ask about these emotional concerns she was dealing with. He told her to stay true to herself and her faith. Not to let the music industry form her into want they wanted. Like they have to so many. But her strength was in Christ alone. She basically, showed them she would not sell out to the fame before her, like that, her soul was God's alone. She even had a special tattoo she placed on her arm, to be a constant reminder. All is vanity! The world was only vanity in the end. She loved God, her music, family, friends and her beloved fans. I believe the enemy was angry over this. He could not have her.
    I have wondered if that is why she was killed? Only God truly knows, his ways are higher, I am upset her time was cut short. But all I know God is being glorified in this tragic situation. Many are coming to see what she was all about.
    What they are finding is Christ Alone shining through this beautiful your lady whose whole being was for her Lord. Such a beautiful shining person full of joy and life.
    But the dates just had me wondering…. I am greatly saddened, but I thought it odd. Can they use mind control on a person that resulted in a guy who had never met her before to travel so far to carry out his deed, then kills himself.
    I hope this post does not offend, I am just looking for answers also.. :(

  3. At timeline 8:08 You confirmed what I was sharing I was seeing.. 🙁
    Remember God says vergence is mine, he will repay. She is with the Lord, she refused to bow to them, but God will be glorified even after her death. She is shining even now. But only God knows how this all went down. His love and mercy IS greater than that of the enemies plans.

  4. noPlaneR says:

    I watched your video a few days ago. You said watch out for more deaths in the coming days. Now Anton Yelchin at 27 ! Somethings not right about the way he died.

  5. Nikki Jones says:

    Florida is a bad place to be!

  6. Nikki Jones says:

    Why do you have to play stuff backwards. That is superstition

  7. If y'all people believe it's illuminati or some other stupid conspiracy then y'all just have no life and don't understand the world at all.

  8. Wayne Samuel, you are special?.

  9. Interesting tweet she made (on Twitter) /search?q=%40therealgrimmie%20plain%20sight&src=typd

    "The art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight" 2:49 AM – 30 Apr 2016

  10. nicealloys says:

    Video is gone ,I was busy and didn't get to watch first day , your videos are my favourite bye far ?

  11. STOP with this fucking ILUMMINATI shit it`s not real… it is literally annoying!

  12. Pure bullshit as always…. ??

  13. FAITH SEEKER says:

    +Theblackchild heg black child what happen to the WWE rituals part 1 and part 2, can you or somebody upload it for me

  14. Great work Brother. God Bless.

  15. Black child are you ok

  16. 4Is2See says:

    Another reality contestant bites the dust. ‘The Voice Mexico’ Singer Jano Fuentes, 45 gunned down in Chicago last Thursday. He died Saturday night, June 18, 2016.

  17. Tina Johnson says:

    a deranged fan?…….first of all she wasn't out that long to have deranged fans i expect that from celebrities who has been out for atleast ten years or more come on man this does not sound right… what does sound right is the fact …..competition for some is to much …and yes she did KILL her with kindness ….rumors say she had many songs she wrote on her own as a struggling artist before the voice….and no surprise to me they of all people the competition became close to her to become managers QUESTION? Do they own her material now? Will they release what ever she did previously with them? OH yeah she killed with kindness and her competition ..and that is FUCKED up full of shit so fucking wrong …very upset about that so sad so sad

  18. NOt tODAY says:

    Kill em with kindness was posted on 6/6/16 just sayin

  19. drumstick74 says:

    11:32 I know crocodile tears when I see them. You can also tell from Selena's voice that she's envious of Christina….
    If you look at 8:52 when Christina talks about their relationship, you can tell that she gets quite emotional. Look at her eyes. I think she's hiding how painful their business agreement was, and maybe she wanted to get out of the relationship and got herself in trouble because of it.

  20. drumstick74 says:

    The guy talking at 15:20 tries to make the sound of a submachinegun firing several rounds repeatedly. Yet the rifle the gunman had was only semi-automatic… A crisis actor, perhaps? What do you think?

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