CIA Turns On Obama, But Fails In Ecuador Coup Attempt

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In a virtual replay of the early 1960’s that saw a charismatic, but divisive, American President engaged in a ‘life and death’ struggle against his own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and top Military Chiefs, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is reporting today that, once again, these powerful American agencies have “gone rogue” against President Obama not unlike they did against President John F. Kennedy almost half a century ago.

In late April 1961, over 1,400 members of the Cuban Expeditionary Forces landed at the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba. Their mission was to overthrow the communist regime of Cuban President Fidel Castro. The mission was a striking failure.

Almost immediately it became known that the CIA trained the “freedom fighters”: who were Cubans trained to overthrow the Castro regime.

Kennedy, soon after the failure, spoke at a meeting of the American Association of Newspaper Editors and assumed all blame for the failed invasion. His staff then began leaking information to reporters, blaming the failure on anyone except the administration.

Kennedy was quoted as saying, “How could I have been so stupid?” to trust the groups who were advising him, such as the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Even more damning to the CIA was a reputed quote by Kennedy that he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

Two and a half years after Kennedy uttered these words, he was assassinated along a motorcade route in Dallas, Texas.

Unlike Kennedy, who never apologized to Cuban leader Fidel Castro for that failed coup by those forces under him, Obama did call Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa [photo top left taken shortly after his rescue by Ecuadorian Special Forces troops] on Wednesday and “reiterated the United States’ support for President Correa and Ecuador’s democratic institutions.

Causing Obama to make this call to Correa was the failed coup attempt against him less than a fortnight ago led by elements of Ecuador’s Air Force and National Police said in this report to have been “masterminded” by CIA and US Military agents who, should the coup have been successful, were set to pour into this South American Nation 7,000 American Marines previously stationed in Costa Rica in July, along with 46 US Navy warships to effectively take over this vital OPEC membered oil rich country.

Raising the CIA and US Military’s anger against Ecuador was Correa’s expelling of all US Air Force, Military, CIA and Drug Enforcement Agents from his country in 2008, thus depriving the Americans of one of their only military footholds in South America.

This report further states that the CIA-US Military plan to oust Correa was “without a doubt” begun under the regime of former US President George W. Bush, but to if Obama was aware of it or not is not known.

Upon Obama’s taking office in January, 2009, however, tensions between Ecuador and the US escalated even further with Correa expelling US Embassy officer Armando Astorga for “meddling” in the affairs of Ecuador’s National Police forces and his stating, “Mr Astorga keep your dirty money. We don’t need it. We have dignity in this country, Ecuador doesn’t need charity from anyone.”

Today 55 of those Ecuadorian National Police US agent Astorga was “meddling” with are now under arrest with warrants having been issued for 253 more of them accused of conspiring with the US to topple Correa during last weeks coup-attempt.

Further confirmation of the CIA and US Military’s complicity in this coup attempt is, also, being reported by the Gramma International News Service in their article titled “Report confirmed: U.S. intelligence penetrated the heart of the Ecuadorian police force”  and as we can, in part, read:

“THE uprising against President Rafael Correa by a coup faction within the Ecuadorian police force is confirmed in an alarming report into the infiltration of this force by U.S. intelligence services published in 2008, which states how many members of the police departments were developing a “dependency” on the U.S. embassy in that South American country.

The report specifies that certain police units “have an informal economic dependence on the United States in terms of paying informants, training, equipment and operations.”

The systematic use of corruption techniques on the part of the CIA in order to secure the “good will” of police officers was exposed on many occasions by former CIA agent Philip Agee who, prior to leaving the agency, was assigned to the U.S. embassy in Quito.

In his official report, published at the end of 2008, Ecuadorian Defense Minister Javier Ponce revealed how U.S. diplomats dedicated themselves to corrupting police officers and also officers within the Armed Forces.

Confirming that fact, the leadership of the Ecuadorian police force then announced it intended to sanction its agents who were collaborating with Washington, while the U.S. embassy declared the “transparency” of its support for Ecuador.”

The Global Research Center in their reporting on this failed CIA-US Military further states:

“According to the coup blueprint drafted by the CIA, Gutierrez was to announce the removal of “dictator” Correa and the transfer of authority to a provisional government in a televised address. The plan additionally included the disbandment of Ecuadorian parliament and the organization of snap elections. The conspirators, however, were dispersed by the defenders of the legitimate president and failed to clear Gutierrez’s access to TV. Besides, the Indian organizations from the PACHAKUTIK group chose not to partake. The coup therefore collapsed.

Currently Ecuador is under emergency rule. Correa plans to purge the country’s law enforcement agencies and to find out who – including the army officers – was involved. Charges are already being pressed against Gutierrez and his Sociedad Patriotica.”

Important to note about all of these events are that they are occurring at the same time that the American press is rife with stories (mainstreamed and leaked) that Obama has lost control over the US Military that as Commander In Chief is supposed to be controlling, all of which started recently with the publication of a new book by legendary Watergate journalist Bob Woodward, who openly states his doubts about his own President.

Important to note about Woodward, however, is the critical role he played in the destruction of another American President, Richard Nixon, who ran afoul of the US Military and CIA, and as we can read:

“The news media slowly began to cover the Watergate burglary. Several major newspapers investigated the possible involvement of the White House in the break-in. Leading the pack was The Washington Post and its two young reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, whose stories were based largely on information from an unnamed source called “Deep Throat”; the mysterious identity of Deep Throat became a news story in its own right and continues to be speculated on to this day.

The journalistic integrity of Yale graduate Bob Woodward became tainted and comprised years later when it was revealed, by authors Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, that prior to working at the Washington Post, Woodward had worked at the Pentagon for the Office of Naval Intelligence as a Naval Lieutenant. Silent Coup—a 1991 book by Colodny and Gettlin—reveals that in 1969, the twenty-six-year-old Lieutenant was the briefing officer for Admiral Moorer, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who had authorized his subordinates to spy on the White House’s National Security Counsel.

A briefing officer sees, hears, reads, and assimilates information from one of several sources and passes it on to more senior officers. This is a coveted position for young officers seeking career advancement. The work is often Top Secret.

Colodny and Gettlin asserted that Admiral Moorer sent Lieutenant Woodward to the basement of the White House to act as a briefer for Alexander Haig. The ramifications of this information are staggering.”

To what the American peoples reaction is to yet another attempt by their Washington elites to secure for themselves the oil riches of the World at the expense of the thousands of coffins returning to their shores with their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters lying inside it is beyond predictable, as time and time again these deluded people have ignored the pure evil that rules over them.

This cannot, however, be said of the American elite class, whose latest member to the club of “conquest for greed” is the former US Diplomat to Iraq Peter W. Galbraith who this week became a very wealthy man when a British Court gave to him $75 million of Iraq’s vast oil wealth.

Fortunately, today, the massive oil wealth of Ecuador remains in the hands of its people…but we would all be naïve in believing it will be theirs for long.

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