Civilization 3 World War 2 Europe Scenario


World Scenario 2 in the scenic European theater . It Includes Eastern Front , North Africa , the Mediterranean and the Battle of the Atlantic campaigns . Download Links : …


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  1. Trappoli says:

    Such a cool scenario. Civ3 is the best civ game imo.

  2. Orion Gamer says:

    I can't get the .biq to work. Is there any other way to get the map?

  3. Orion Gamer says:

    Also, couldyou create a Germany lets play? It looks awesome

  4. Scenario is very EPIC and very GOOD,but there is to much units :O is that balanced ?

  5. Silk Dise says:

    I have an updated .biq file that I worked on to try to make it more even. However, I don't know how or where to upload it so others can download it. Can anyone recommend me a reliable site and any advice so anybody watching can download it? I've never uploaded mods before.

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