CNN – Tommy Chong Fighting Prostate Cancer With “Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil”



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  1. jdiggity56 says:

    Its to bad he didnt continue on his quest for hemp oil and find the highest CBN counts. I have liver cancer, been fighting for almost a yr. And in the last 6 months has stopped the progression of the desease. It also knocks out sinus infection within 30 hrs, it takes arthritic pain away gives appetite. HEMP OIL WORKS. IT MAY BE YOUR ONLY HOPE TO LIVE LONGER WAITING FOR MORE MIRACLES

  2. Did he announce it on TV? I hope its true and he is doing well.

  3. smoky281 says:

    i saw it on his twitter a while back but i been looking for the info again but i dont know how he is doing now

  4. chrychek says:

    I heard from a reliable source that he could not function on the high dose that he needed to take so he stopped taking it. It only works if you use it. It was rumoured that he could not tolerate the high doses he would have needed to take and still function as he wanted to be able to. I hope for his sake that he tries again or finds another way to heal himself so he can continue to make us laugh and do what he does.

  5. chrychek says:

    The only idiot I see is the one who types uneducated things and doesn't Google "cannabinoids cancer" and see for itself.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. chrychek says:

    Last time we chatted… fine and dandy!

  7. zekdom says:

    Good, good.

    How are you doing?

  8. smoky281 says:

    That;s sad to hear. However, i do recall him talking about how the treatment was very strong on the JRE podcast. I really hope he gets better and tries the treatment once again.

  9. I don't believe in legalizing it, God put a plant with so many uses, which grows on every continent of our world, for our use. It is our responsibility to learn to use it properly. It and all God given plants should be removed from the Controlled Substance Act. Not Legalized or De-criminalized, not subject to government CONTROL ! Let man use it or not for Life curing illness,food,textiles,etc. , Liberty the choice of using or not that given by God, and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS Need I say more?

  10. Curlee Jean says:

    what does this mean specifically? do you know 'why' he couldnt function.. Im asking because I have just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and am researching hemp oil treatment/cure. Ive seen lots of testimonies but have not heard anyone say that they couldnt function due to how much they needed???

  11. SilentLion20 says:

    Get well Mr Chong. And continue the good fight

  12. Tommy Chong is now cancer free! The good news was confirmed on May 6th. Unfortunately Youtube won't le me post links, so just do a search on Google for "Tommy Chong: 'I'm Cancer-Free!'"

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  17. Donald Sears says:

    I had a spot on my arm the size of a dime. It was there 2 months. I then decided to touch it. It had texture and was not just brown skin. I made a batch and applied it for 2 weeks. The spot disappeared and has never come back. I am not sure it was melanoma, but brown spot x 2 months x lumpy crusty feeling made me try it and now I am a believer.

  18. SleazyWeezy says:


  19. J9 FELINE says:

    That interviewer TOTALLY did not get it.

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