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  1. Truth hurts eh fucko?

  2. VelaToNorma7 says:

    That made no sense. At all. Why do you have to be so fucking dumb? Why? Just why?

  3. One flaw. Its Israel that wants Iran. Israel wont stay neutral. As soon as they can they will launch an attack against Iran. You also forgot Syria.

  4. check you facts north carolin january 19 1942 GERMANY u boats sunk 10 ships. china did the same off the coAST OF CALIFORNIA, during ww2,

  5. not china japan shelled calif coast whith u boat gun

  6. sorry thank you for pointing that out

  7. CNN fuck you, Controlled media

  8. Riad Ahmed says:

    we don't want it but if than we will go for it.

  9. MrInsight47 says:

    It seems a pretty good guess. But I tend to think the Jews won't sit back during this. They've been the instigators of several middle eastern conflicts. When they think America will help, they react. And lets not forget China's need for us economically through production and interest on loans. They might stay out of this longer then you think or until talks break down within the U.N.. China doesn't support N. Korea that well anymore!

  10. Tyler urquhart you fucking spastic. Germans did get uboats into American waters. In fact, they sank american ships inside New York harbour.

  11. boo boo says:

    Here's one.U.S.A. has all its stealth bombers and fighters flying over all our enemies at same time.They are all armed with nukes.Without warning all bombs are dropped at same time.Only nuclear armed enemies. All resistance has been instantly destroyed. We win.

  12. ALEX ISHII says:

    Another 2 months and good bye to year 2013! If history repeats, last century (20th) the ww1 started 1914, nobody will be so silly to start ww3 next year with nukes or hi-tech weapons, but potentially dangerous regional/internal conflicts(civil wars) will break out.
    It will be much scared the neighbor fire spread around.

  13. Many of your concepts are good but, the center and focus of the WORLD will be on Israel and their destruction. But it WILL not play out that way Ezek. Chapters 38 &39 is the Next great War. It will be A Gog & Magog war not the War. Russia, Germany,
    Turkey, Iran, Iraqi, Libya, Spain, UK, US Ethiopia will GANG up against Israel and Loose at a very HIGH price. I gave you the Reference material, like todays news paper.

  14. Sonita Bun says:

    All you got to do is get a long , there will be no war to fight .Bring all the technologies together make things to good used help those poor those in needed, and peace on earth and good will men!

  15. TyVulpine says:

    Just like every conspiracy theorist does. They hide behind their keyboards and shout and rant, but when challenged to DO what they urge others to do, they expose themselves as the cowards they really are.

  16. Seeing the history of indian defense preparedness, it is unlikely that India will be the forerunner in the world war IIII, But definetly I feel the attack by Israel on Iran may trigger the world war III.

  17. Vecanik says:

    you have 2 month left to start the ww3 bros

  18. Bahdini Kurd says:

    what about russia bashar – syria and us kurds YPG PKK and Peshmerge?

  19. 2015… Still no ww3 tbh XD

  20. jame jame says:

    pls up date the year to 2016 and dont up date again 2 year later ok

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