CNN’s Anderson Cooper Admits Working for the CIA – Operation Mockingbird Asset Exposed!


CNN’s Anderson Cooper Admits Working for the CIA – Operation Mockingbird Asset Exposed! *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst …


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  1. mark dice is a butthole

  2. abukamoon says:

    I understand that Cooper did intelligence gathering in various bath houses in San Francisco.

  3. Robert Straw says:

    Mark dice is like an angry teenager, "everyone's fucking dumb except me" lady gag me, miley virus grow up you irritating cunt. SubSkrybe to ma yootooob chanul

  4. CAPOC38A says:

    Dead on. It's why "reality" TV Honey Boo-boo and American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, the Bachelor and Bachelorette are front and and center and forced down on throats. This brain rot is their way of controlling us and distracting us from the actual reality. Mainstream media is completely untrustworthy and has been repeatedly proven so. Stay informed, seek the truth for yourself and don't believe what is forced on you. If it sounds too out there or BS it probably is. Always seek the Truth. Sons of Liberty.

  5. Bishopking2 says:

    excellent vid. check enterthe5t4rz for hollywood decodes.

  6. Alright Mark now you are covering newsworthy stories bud.

  7. John Doe says:

    No wonder this douche bag has no morals or gives two shits about the truth

  8. KyoKLAW says:

    Good Video …..subscribe earned

  9. syn akal says:

    anderson cooper is a cia propagandist

  10. David Low says:

    Anderson takes it up the pooper cooper.

  11. Steven K says:

    Harambe was a inside job

  12. nikola zekic says:

    he's a cia jew who likes dick up his liberal ass, how shocking

  13. Well Mark is a disinformant like Alex Jones!!!

  14. roxoto says:

    just a coincidence, nothing to worry about

  15. Lowell White says:

    what's wrong with a lil leather play?

  16. Joel Evans says:

    Why bother with the bondage shit? That just detracts from your point. It serves as zero evidence to support it, but now I can't share it because of that garbage.

  17. letch man says:

    If he was interested in intelligent work then why did he go into news broadcasting?

  18. hes a fag his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt hes a little fag bitch.mother should have spilled that cum that made him in the toilet

  19. Ivan Smith says:

    he couldn't pass his lie detector test because he was a homosexual

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