CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: The Plutocrat’s Poodle

Zacharia with mentor, Henry Kissinger. A member of the CFR and a former editor of its journal, Foreign Affairs, no surprise that Zacharia is the "Plutocrat's Poodle."

Zacharia with mentor, Henry Kissinger. A member of the CFR and a former editor of its journal, Foreign Affairs, no surprise that Zacharia is the "Plutocrat's Poodle."

by T.D. Mathews

Fareed Zakaria’s demeanor engenders an aura of intellectual sophistication but his intentions are simply the maintenance of financial plutocracy. Don’t be duped by this low-level errand boy to financial power.

Zacharia recently wrote that the central problem of the economy is that, “Americans want low-taxes and lots of government services.”

This is one of the most insidious and dishonest lies Zakaria incessantly promotes.  The bottom line is this : the current state of economic affairs is reflective of a growing and entrenched super-class which lives in an entirely different world than what we would consider the “middle and upper-middle” classes (doctors, engineers, mechanics,
scientists, machinists, and other productive professionals).

Forget about the poor for a moment; the super-class is now parasitically sucking out money from the productive classes of society.   The economic crisis in the world exists precisely because these oligarchs and plutocrats desire to keep their unsustainable wealth models which rely upon not paying the majority of capital for productive labor.

This is why Zakaria will boldly claim that Western engineers and professionals are “spoiled rotten” for wanting to own their own homes while the “real” cost of labor is akin to the slave-wages paid to Chinese employees of big multinationals.

These sycophants then have the audacity to pretend that they wish to “raise” the standards of third-world poverty stricken humans.  This is doublespeak.  What they really want is to lower the standard of the professional classes in the Western world, particularly in the United States.

Every single piece of verbal nonsense Zakaria spews is a promulgation of policy which benefits and sustains these finance oligarchs of the world at the expense of “Main Street” professionals and the educated and productive classes of society.  He is a spokesperson for plutocracy.

Government services are scraps compared to the astronomical budget of the military industrial complex and the maintenance of a worldwide financial monopoly by a handful of unregulated international financial institutions.

Fareed should talk about the real problem instead of pinning the blame  on the “evil, fat, spoiled, and lazy westerner” who, God forbid, wants to earn a wage which he/she cansupport him/her self and their families with.  God forbid he/she spends 3-7 years in post graduate education to be paid only marginally better than those without such an education.  God forbid we actually have a “meritocracy”.

Fareed goes on to write: ” If you look at the recent polls, most Americans think there should be no changes to Medicare and no broad increases in taxation. This is magical mathematics.”

Let’s talk about “magical mathematics” Fareed.

“Magical mathematics” is a system of fractional reserve banking, owned by a private financial cartel, which can create money by monetizing debt, and then make trillions in profit by interest without adding one atoms weight of productivity to society.

“Magical mathematics” is taking billions of dollars from taxpayers and giving them (true story) to the wives of Wall Street bankers who then buy up student loans with zero risk.  This bailout – $220 million.

“Magical mathematics” is the continuation of billion dollar bonuses and the ongoing transfer of wealth from the productive, creative, and educated classes to the financial oligarchs of the world.

Its wages, you stupid, stupid man.

Why is it, Mr. Zakaria, that you, time and time again, fail to acknowledge that the wealthiest billionaires of the world have seen their wealth increase many times over in the past 10 years, while technology and productivity increased exponentially due to the creative contributions of education professional workers. YET, those very same professional workers have been marginalized and paid less and less ?

Magical mathematics are to somehow create a sustainable and prosperous world which rewards meritocracy and education while still having the worlds “super-class” keep getting richer.  Corporate profits must be delivered to the most productive workers.  The super-rich, simply, cannot be getting richer.

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