COBRA GYPSIES – full documentary


An adventure with the indian gypsies, the new movie of Raphael Treza – Paypal donation: …


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  1. Hatss off to you Raphael

  2. What a beautiful people!!

  3. gill works says:

    Awesome work .. (y)

  4. What a marvelous documentary. In love with Kalbeliya's culture. Thank you for this Raphael. Amazing work.

  5. VeryVerxy says:

    This is awesome, thank you.

  6. Thank you so much for this fantastic movie! It was a real delight to my eyes and ears – fascinating sights, inspirational music and dances, colorful culture and very beautiful people who face serious challenges every day in order to survive yet they seem so happy:) Although we consider ourselves as very civilized but still there are things we could learn from these nomad people…

  7. Stevo Chang says:

    Amazing!!! Soundtrack made it feel even more special than it already is!

  8. raliegh dean says:

    well shot documentary about a bunch of retards

  9. Kelly Santos says:

    so so cool ,nice video ,love it 2much

  10. jackgot says:

    Simply wonderful!!!

  11. Eo141 says:

    i love it <3 <3 <3

  12. goodysist says:

    they look like realy happy people …

  13. SuperScand says:

    De bien belles images. Merci pour la traduction et le partage !!

  14. Terror Byter says:

    Amazing documentary! Thank you for this.

  15. Ghana Mafia says:

    They have very little but they seem content and very vibrant.

  16. alixxxaaron says:

    i enjoyed this documentary, thank you for sharing :D

  17. M00N7UNE says:

    wtf nice man`! THUMBS UP

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