CoD World at War 3 player co-op part 02: Peleliu Beach Landing


Check out Raz’ perspective here! Booya! The return of a classic! After my revisit to the pacific in medal of …


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  1. Nice Video Boss KONOA!

  2. I think they could of done a little more with this game but I think it is one of the best call of dutys

  3. Chuvy69 says:

    DAAAAAAM! this video make me buy the game for steam!! I need to play it again ahahahaha nice video bro! keep doing this 🙂

    Regards from Spain

  4. Peleliu held an Airstrip that general Douglas Macarthur (US Army) said could be used to attack the troops who would invade the Japansese held Philippine islands.
    The battle that followed was far worse then anything predicted, the 1st Marines were so mauled, they wouldn't mount another stint in combat until late 1945, and due to the landing in the Philippine, they received little news coverage.
    (Also of note, most of the Marin missions on Peleliu take place on the same day, only at times, minutes apart from one another)

  5. chris pitter says:

    man i remember finding the ray gun

  6. SpartecusNL says:

    you forgot to do the ray gun easter egg!

  7. awesome video dude keep up the good work

  8. Nathan Fall says:

    Who else likes to get the Ray gun? Lol

  9. Did anyone else laugh at all the times he was just calling in rocket strikes at like 20 feet away?

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