Collapse and World War 3?


I’ve found there is a lot of fear mongering about economic collapse or World War 3. Why would people undermine and ignore solutions to prevent wars and …


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  1. Antimatter Future should be talked about more than those Zeitgeist movies. millions of people need to see your videos, if people shared yours like Zeitgeist then cannabis will be cheaper than meat, who could not like that?

  2. Myles O'Howe says:

    Pope Francis said "We are excluding an entire generation to sustain a system that is not good" First of all who is the we he speaks of, second, why are a group/gang/cult excluding an entire generation to sustain a corrupt system from being not corrupt? Girls on rarely respond to my messages for a relationship, girls in other cities respond but almost everyone in Niagara Falls ignores me, why is that? catholic girls almost never respond. I might know someone who knows a girl who is single so ill find out

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