College Student Intercepts Food Waste For the Hungry

Heather Callaghan

Maybe you’ve been reading one too many bleak and scolding articles about drought, waste, gluttony and insane bureaucratic mandates that create food waste and scoop food from hungry mouths. Let’s hear about someone who did something about it.

This is one young man who said “to heck with protocol” and started intercepting food before it hit the bin – score! It is now a national network of college students who are intercepting leftovers and feeding the hungry – saving nearly 200,000 meals from the trash.

College Student Intercepts Food Waste For the Hungry


The centralized food system is intrinsically designed to create massive waste before it reaches the table, before it reaches the store. If it’s deemed unacceptable there (approaching expiration date), it must go in the dump – causing many to “dumpster dive” instead of giving it to them like a human being. Then there are the nation-wide Agenda 21 tactics that shut down small farms, yard gardens, farmers markets, lemonade stands and have criminalized the act of feeding the homeless – unless you have $300 for a permit, that is.

Chances are, you are already taking steps to prevent waste in your own home – but when it concerns other people, maybe it’s time to act first and deal later.

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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    Don’t worry they will throw him in jail for doing this “without a license”.

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