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It’s time to color!! Let’s try out a variety of new coloring accessories from International Arrivals!! I’ll use a variety of colored pencils, gel pens & fine tip markers in a …


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  1. Tfs have a wonderful day.

  2. Jilly Bean says:

    Looks like fun!!  Tfs=) I hope you have a great day=)

  3. thats was a great review tfs ???

  4. I need those pens/pencils in my life. Great video!

  5. Veda Smith says:

    i love those kinda things!

  6. fabb?TV says:

    Omg this was amazeballs!!!!!! Nice job babydoll. Btw: I so badly wanna do the coloring thing but I have arthritis in my left hand and tendinitis in my wrist so I just use an app called colorfy (I think?) and it helps relax me at night until I fall asleep. If not for that: girl I would be ALL BOUT THIS LIFE! I'm jelly of all these glorious supplies! Love ya!! ???

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