Coming WW3 Pt8 – God Particle, Higgs Boson, Big Bang and GOD.flv



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  1. The video is funny because you are batshit crazy. You should really disable the ratings as well as the comments. See you in 2013 you crackpot.

  2. Frances Key says:

    Very well done… there is no reason to think science and spirituality cannot co-exist. We as humans are learning from "the bottom up", discovering laws and principles, but there is a greater force from "the top down" that the human mind cannot fully perceive. What is it that brought together these random principles into an elegant creation? Only a superior mind could do so; it is this mind that we're a fragment or reflection of, giving us the capacity to even think about things such as this.

  3. I couldn't find pt7 on your page. Was it deleted?

  4. osoluckyme says:

    I wish every Christian would watch this so they could escape their delusional reality…!!

  5. osoluckyme says:

    Frances, Science and religion conflict with one another so I don't see how they can co-exist. There's too many discrepancies in the Bible that just don't match science.

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