Common Core Made Comedian’s Children Cry

Heather Callaghan

…and he just went on a Tweeting rant about it…

If you enjoy comedy, then chances are, you’ve become familiar with Louis C.K. at some point. Along with filling up auditoriums with his stand-up comedy, he has had success with television shows and a memorable appearance on Conan O’Brien. Remember ‘Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy‘?

Common Core Made Comedian's Children Cry

Comedians are often vocal, but not always political. Imagine the havoc Common Core is creating if a comedian takes to Twitter on his off time to vent about it?

Louis didn’t just leave his frustrations at one Tweet – he left a spree of them that seems to keep going (below) – complete with pictures.




Interestingly, his Tweets appear the same day of news that Indiana has formally abandoned Common Core curriculum.

Louis C.K.’s story of his children crying isn’t the first.

A photographer going through her camera accidentally caught this snapshot of her daughter crying in frustration from Common Core homework. She writes about the incident here.

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  1. Again, if you allow your child to go to a public school instead of homeschooling or other White alternative, then you and your child deserve everything you get.

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