Conflict Against Illuminati Intensifies


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44 Responses

  1. Miros100 says:

    working for Lucis Trust? hmmm
    Luciferian Satanists have their rule that they have to inform us of what they intend on doing before doing it. William Mount admits that that is his job.

  2. Robert Ricci says:

    i'll do it if the military will let me…………………………

  3. I like your program but I'm very upset that you know your relatives that are in the Ukraine & elsewhere are stealing from me & other social security beneficiaries who barely get by month to month & they are getting $4000+ & free medical & dental & you keep saying what they're doing but you have not reported them so they will be kept from taking benefits that are not theirs!!!!! I'm furious that our Govt won't give us a cost of living increase but they give outrageous sums of money & benefits to illegals that don't deserve anything from Americans!!!! Send them back to Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries to be taken care of!!!!!!

  4. I think we just killed one of the head Jesuit murderers that worked for Popey Franny! Bye Bye

  5. Andrea Como says:

    They sprayed Chem trails all day today … Probably the worst I've ever seen….

  6. David Combs says:

    That's why trump has surrounded himself with Jesuits people are so ingornant trump is a free mason he is part of the elite nothing will change

  7. senno sedai says:

    Catholics are pagans

  8. Heavy infestation of trolls! please stay focused on Christ. When reading the comments I noticed some people trying to deceive us. Please stay alert.

  9. Bandog Bone says:

    Trump should solicit buddy Bibi's help to clean up the radioactive mess resulting from Mossad's sabotage and destruction of the Fukushima reactors with old A-bombs on March 11, 2011.

  10. Spance Man says:

    we been telling rabbits and sheepke this for decades,,,jesuits have always been in power,,,,all roads lead to rome,,,jew bankers r just front men,,,and do what their told,,like all races and all traitors,,,flat earth will destroy them all,,,,we all must get to where all compasses point to before we die or we repeat this hell,,that simple,,,center of the dish! #killuminati

  11. I love your work but I just don't know what god you are talking about because the one I know is incapable of cursing anyone because it is pure radiant love.

  12. JASON ALEC says:


  13. Nobody does it better than the Creator!!!! Haya…Mothers…Ethers….time to cleanup the garbage…….truth let it ring!!!

  14. OMAROSA is a Dem spy and operative. She is responsible for Seal Ryan's death in raid. Reported by Sorcha Faal.

  15. DC and NYC 70 Arrests coming #Pedogate. Named: Schumer, Kaine, Blumenthal. 1/3 Congress. Suicides expected this weeekend.

  16. Blade Bell says:

    This is a message from the lord our god. Be ready my children, for the hour is near prepare yourself for the end. Stay strong and away from Satan's influence as now more than ever he tempts you to join him. It is near time my children. This is spoken through one of my children who I have given many visions and have had many conversations with, and he knows more than any of us about the spirit realm and the dark side. Go to him for any questions

  17. Cern is a very real problem in the destruction of planets I'd bet.

  18. Why don't you just spell Lucifer instead of Loozifer…

  19. That was the perfect scripture for today. Did my doctor lie to me today? I was told that the CDC has now mandated that all pain management patients have to make a choice between opiates or medical cannabis, but not both. There was an exemption with cancer. Not only for New Mexico which is a MMJ state, but for the entire nation. I called the CDC about these new mandates or even guidelines and they could not find anything regarding this except from last March 19, 2016. And it does not mention having to chose one or the other. She also told me last year that she would retire in two years when other mandates will be implemented (2018), like the chip and smart pill. So, I thought I at least had another year to find alternative solutions. I apologize for not making this shorter, but I was either misinformed or millions of people will soon be making a life changing decision.

  20. Alicia Maria says:

    John McCain – once a traitor ALWAYS a traitor – he's on SOROS' payroll – he behaves as if his life or the life of his loved one depends on him obeying his handlers – either save him now or cut him loose as someone who deceives by his own choice.
    I've met a Jesuit – my spirit went on high alert and I had to exit the building with urgency – they are totally demonic.

  21. The pedophiles will burn in 2017. #Fact

  22. Ummmm…nice try Willy. Fake news still doesn't flatter you. Next…you lost all credibility to your video's when you started pushing Sorcha Faal's as reliable news. OMG…she takes a bit of truth and twists it in order to push her sensationalism, US hating agenda. She may have a speck of truth running through her post, but a speck it is. Next…who ever is telling you that you are "royal" is lying. I can not count how many new ager's have told me they are royal. lol You are a smuck if you fall for that one. Last…this planet doesn't belong to you, it doesn't belong to me…nor anyone else. SHE is a free and sovereign being and SHE does not answer to anyone…not even your cursing god. Wake up!

  23. I applaud your brilliant efforts Will Mount you are awesome.

  24. Thanks for the info!

  25. Why does every riot fell like Hillary's involved?

  26. William mount. How do you recognize a Jesuit priest and how do you go about killing them. so sorry all white or black maybe you can give her some break down the what of these individuals are and just they're just men but there's no women. so they are the ones who are killing white South Africans farmers and children I want to direct my energy towards them.

  27. ZJhontu1 says:

    Thank You, Doc. I don't miss any posts…

  28. Brian Riley says:

    Brother Bill; first I love your show. Secondly, you mentioned several months ago that the gov was dropping fungus on our forests. I wanted to report that the forest is quite sick and there are several types of predominant fungi attacking the trees. Just reporting the sad effects of these sick people's efforts. Is there anything to do to fight this with the trees?

  29. Paul Cupstid says:

    why in the hell can you not put the mf camera where you type what you type but I guess I have to give you the benefit of the doubt arshole you cannot help it mf officer frkyou but be a little better putting the camera on the mf you want to show not frigging breaking fking news that's bullshrit if you r drunk ok if not get a life

  30. Donny Sath says:

    I couldn't careless what the Sun does. The sun does what the sun does and it is not in man to fix the sun if it miss behaves. The heaven of heavens belongs to Yahweh.

  31. Peter Minxgf says:

    Deutsche is pronounced with the "e"" on the end. How come you know so little but pretend you know so much. I don't think you've had any more than a high school education in the US that is not much to be proud of.

  32. MrGillymac says:

    I don't understand why you keep repeating lies about HITLER and nationalist socialist party !!! The same people how oppress people today he was fighting but the WINNERS WRITE HIS STORY !! IN AN AGE OF INFORMATION IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE !!! YOU REFUSE TO EVEN LOOK AT IT FROM THE OTHER WAY

  33. Wow I really did get unsubscribed!!

  34. Bankers faking their deaths

  35. Zionist JEWS and the Jesuites are one and the same  they give us the ILLUTIONS that they are different , just like politicians !! , but they all have the same MASTERS !! , and they are SO greedy and EVIL that they even fight among them selves , but the outcome is the same for us , unless we wake up !! and do something about it , FORGET this bullshit , GOD is going to save you , he is no show so far !  FORGET RELIGIONS !!! THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM < EMANSIPATE YOUR SELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY !!

  36. Jim Watson says:

    Hell is not real. No loving God tortures a man for eternity. What could be more sadistic?

  37. John McCain his name is one of many that is on George soros payroll there a bunch in the congress that are all directly paid by Soros to derail Trump. the list came out today Paul Ryan is on the list as well there is a bunch of them on the list

  38. tmacnyc says:

    whats the anti aging formula?

  39. 20 17 says:

    Dear Almighty God of Gods and Lord of Lords, Please return peace to Humanity & Earth;
    for it is divine time that peace prevails amongst humanity that wishes to live in righteous unity . Amen. ~Your Faithful Servant.

  40. Melanie says:

    they will be killed off this year!

  41. Thank you so much Bill & Jane. God Bless you!

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