Congress expected to vote on authorizing War with Iran Friday/Strike on Iran ready says US & Israel!



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  1. beefree1 says:

    The moment false flag war starts with Iran … US may be hit with an EMP …electromagnetic pulse bomb…most do not know what this is…. basically you have 7 days to live… no money…no utilities…no food…no computers….cellphones….google…youtube "EMP" … gangs and police will go psycho…500 million hollow point bullets… Govt basically bought 2 bullets per citizen…get on your knees and pray….need all the angelic support one can get… Get Right with God now ! time is short

  2. Hey beefree1 have you read the book one second after

  3. FLOMO SAPIAN says:


  4. kennykunt says:

    You`re the one with no brain, idiot. Haha!!

  5. Alan says:

    They will want to go in under cover of new moon, that's like the 20th

  6. it is EXACTLY THE SAME SHEET OF MUSIC, how is it these people aren't mentioning the exec order from MAY 1ST WHERE THEY CAN LEGISLATE LAW OUTSIDE THE US! THEY WANT TO BYPASS CONGRESS, AND THE PEOPLE, they used the same fricking statement with IRAQ, THEY SAID WMD'S AND THEY HAVEN'T FOUND ANY IN 11 YEARS! and the US IS USING AND HAS USED DEPLETED URANIUM IN IRAQ! so now you have the US USING NUCLEAR WEAPONS THEMSELVES! Fallujah 1 in 4 babies deformed and it's the hardest place to get into! wake up

  7. bonnie beme says:

    this will finish our nation off, for sure.

  8. MarsBar2012 says:

    Thank you, brother. Shared. We are going Home really soon!

  9. we are nearing midnight……

  10. skyyd says:

    well it looks like the bill passed if its the same defence bill i just read about

  11. jesus is coming can't wait to go home

  12. Faithful1223 says:

    All praise to Our King Jesus Christ! All knees shall bow to you! Oh Lord my God I have read about you, thought about you, welcomed you into my heart and received you as my saviour. Come Lord Jesus. I am no longer afraid bc you are coming to take your people home and I am among them! Amen!

  13. killerdalek says:

    What's all this white stuff? Oh, I see – the Lord has come!

  14. joshuajeu123 says:

    see dr owour a prophet among us. read deuteronomy 18 and st lukes 16 to confirm

  15. Joy Ham says:

    Holy holy holy is his name and forever to be praised! I am so looking forward to your return Jesus!

  16. Raymond Lee says:

    in LOVE & PEACE

  17. monsterrock2 says:

    dude the seals arent opened till after the rapture

  18. Well that should tell you something. The Rapture IS going to happen before this and will happen at any moment from now!

  19. how'd that work out for ya?

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