Conor Mcgregor will Kill or Injure Floyd Mayweather if they fight Illuminati MK Ultra Clone Or Robot


Conor Mcgregor will Kill or Injure Floyd Mayweather if they battle Illuminati MK Extremely Clone Or Robotic
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  1. this is stupid, Conor would whoop his ass, Floyd won't take this chance, he ran from Manny in his prime, he won't fight a guy that could hurt him and is only a risk to Floyd's career if Conor loses no biggie he isn't a boxer, that's a dangerous fight to take, if you do Floyd watch that left hand

  2. Money is one powerful aphrodisiac . Is it worth selling yourself

  3. something is going on.He really looks like he's under a trance.Maybe they have been both warned.When saw the had go behind the back the first thing I thought of was Jeff Dunham and Peanut.That was one strange interview.

  4. TheRelic86 says:

    I'm very happy y'all are waking up. I've been knowing since 2008. everybody said I was nuts. I told them this was to come. now we're nuts together lol

  5. TheRelic86 says:

    I believe they're being replaced by fourth dimensional demons who have been manipulating our experience in earth since the beginning. This is truly the end and I'm very happy about it. even out in this world people are just down right shit man. You never know what your going to get out here

  6. aguilar says:

    not even the Illuminati has the blueprint

  7. just the fact connor has no emotion and normally he is talking alot

  8. The guy is under some type of hypnosis,  as far as clone I need more proof

  9. conor uses the law of attraction to win fights, conor is a sorcery, he does sprite channeling that's how he beat Eddie alveraz and jose Aldo..he knows he will beat Floyd, cause conor summons a demon to fight his battles, that's the secret to conor confidence

  10. should be rematching pacquiao instead

  11. Lonnie Bolts says:

    why he keep reaching behind him

  12. Conor McGregor, would beat Floyd, no problem, and in a spectacular way too.

  13. YoungVeteran says:

    Just a live action scripted movie !

  14. YOUCITY says:

    There is a CLONE & a real CONOR , just to be clear I don't believe the CLONE has been used in the actual fights but I can't be sure , I do believe that the real CONOR has gotten enhanced abilities through DEMONIC assistance

  15. YOUCITY says:

    It seems as though the next 9/11 will have something to do with 7/11 , certain celebrities are playing bigger roles in the rituals leading up to the big 7/11 event , Beyoncé is one of them & so is President TRUMP , I noticed that FLOYD MAYWEATHER was born in '77 , he retired with 49 total fights & 49 wins (7×7) , WWE played a huge part in the rituals leading up to 9/11 , MAYWEATHER fought the BIG SHOW (big show = next 9/11?) in WRESTLEMANIA , BIG SHOW is exactly 7 feet tall , UFC 189 (CONOR MCGREGOR CLONE made first public appearances) was on 7/11

  16. Ange romeor says:

    luv my old world 60 70 90. this new world is scarry u jus cant let this robot fight human watta fucc

  17. Ange romeor says:

    thats how whites goes the dont stop till the gon make you look like ALI shaking like you on fire or finish you like tyson til then the wont let you go

  18. rick83642 says:

    He will kill him If they fight with the 4 ounce gloves

  19. This thing ain't human

  20. Sounds like you're on to something. We all know the ones who control everything in the world are wicked. We should expect anything from these devils. As I read some of the posts, I can tell you have trollers or those who are NOT awake and will be completely out of their mind when shit goes down in our world. It's coming soon! So many are sleeping! #sadday

  21. TheOlzee says:

    White devil lol

  22. TheOlzee says:

    This is hilarious lol

  23. YOUCITY says:

    I have a feeling that CONOR MCGREGOR has the RH-NEGATIVE BLOOD

  24. YOUCITY says:

    I have a similar theory as LOD , have you ever seen the movie ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD ? well that stuff is real & all of the top level famous athletes in all sports have ANGELS (DEMONS) assisting them , I would imagine that they get these (POWERS) through MASONIC & other SECRET SOCIETY RITUALS , it seems as though CONOR MCGREGOR is at times TOTALLY POSSESSED by DEMONS which gives him these (ENHANCED) abilities (JOSE ALDO KNOCKOUT) , and that is how I think CONOR could possibly KILL MAYWEATHER in a fight

  25. tory wil says:

    crazy….. Jose Aldo is seen holding on to his "cross" necklace tight at one point… he probably praying! and when things got loud Dana white moves his hand behind McGregor so I remains calm (I think)…they gotta keep signals in McGregor's face, so he doesn't attack them.

  26. YOUCITY says:

    Very interesting theory LOD , Conor has even talked about KILLING ANOTHER FIGHTER in the ring before , another interesting theory about a possibly Mayweather vs McGregor fight is the possibility of another celebrity getting KILLED while attending the fight (like Tupac)

  27. Conor McGregor look scary af with them shades on. He look like a goddamn robot… OMG this shit is crazy.

  28. sheka03 says:

    the funny thing is floyd just made a lot of crazy comments about dana bout how he used to carry his bags

  29. TheRelic86 says:

    They're on their way out and soon. All this wickedness is sickening

  30. kami 806 says:

    interesting! ?

  31. Loso Loco says:

    damn bro u got some shit wit this one peep conor hands Dont move at all

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